Community Leadership Award

The Community Leadership Award will recognise HVIA Members which have engaged positively with the community.

This engagement can be direct, whereby the member may have undertaken community engagement, implemented ongoing stakeholder relations, been engaged with education, training or open days or been involved in some other activity (such as in-kind support for a charity) which highlights the proactivity of the heavy vehicle industry.

The engagement may also be indirect, whereby the community gains a benefit from a new innovation which improves road safety, vehicle noise or emissions.

The award is in place to recognise the importance of being a community leader and demonstrating excellent corporate responsibility.

Eligibility Criteria

The Community Leadership Award is an employer nominated award. To meet the Award criteria, the nominee must:

  • Be a financial HVIA member company up to date with members’ dues;
  • Wholly owned branches and subsidiary companies of the HVIA primary member can nominate;
  • Must be able to highlight how the organisation has been a community leader;
  • Must be able to demonstrate that the action, donation, activity or engagement was in the previous two years or is currently in place;
  • The nominee must be able to address the judging criteria; and
  • The nomination must be signed off by a senior manager of the Member company.

Nomination Submission Questions

  • What was the activity, event or engagement that demonstrated community leadership? (Leadership)
  • What impact has this had on the business and the local community?
  • How transferable is this activity to other branches of the business?
  • What level of consultation or engagement (internal or external i.e. staff, customers, suppliers) was undertaken to implement the activity?
  • How effective has the activity been in demonstrating corporate social responsibility or community leadership?

Nominees are encouraged to accompany their submission with a video, photos or other supporting material, which assists in answering the above questions to assist the judging panel.

Judging Criteria Weighting

  • Community Leadership (10)
  • Impact on the business and community (10)
  • Transferability (10)
  • Consultation and Engagement (10)
  • Effectiveness of the activity (10)
  • Total 50 points

Award Prize

Regional and national winners will be announced at the HVIA Gala Awards Dinner held in Brisbane on Friday 20th November 2020.

The regional winners and the national award winner will receive a certificate, recognised by HVIA at the Gala Awards Dinner and their names will be publicised in all available platforms, including an editorial in one of Bauer Media Group’s magazines.

Nominations are now closed.

HVIA National Awards news

2020 HVIA National Award Winners

20 November 20

Winners of the 2020 HVIA National Awards were announced at a breakfast in Brisbane this morning and broadcast around the country.


Innovation and commitment celebrated at HVIA National Awards Breakfast

20 November 20

HVIA today announced the winners of a suite of awards, for leadership and innovation, in the heavy vehicle sector.


2020 Peter Langworthy Future Leader Award nominees

4 November 20

The Peter Langworthy Future Leader Award is acknowledges young people who have recently graduated from an apprenticeship and/or who have demonstrated outstanding leadership within their organisation or the industry.


2020 National Apprentice of the Year nominations

16 October 20

HVIA’s National Apprentice of the Year Award has been acknowledging outstanding apprentices for over 35 years.


HVIA 2020 Community Leadership Award nominations

16 October 20

HVIA’s Community Leadership Award recognises Members which have engaged positively with the community either directly by undertaking community engagement, education, or some other community support initiative, or indirectly, whereby the community gains a benefit from a new innovation with tangible community benefits.


2020 HVIA Product Innovation Award nominations

14 October 20

The sixteen nominations for the 2020 HVIA Productivity Innovation Award include products and services that provide innovative technological solutions for new and existing market needs.


HVIA National Awards attract strong field

26 August 20

HVIA members have responded to the opportunity to have their teams and innovation acknowledged.


2019 National Apprentice of the Year

10 August 20

HVIA’s National Apprentice of the Year Award has been acknowledging outstanding apprentices for over 35 years.


2019 Peter Langworthy Future Leader Award Winner

3 August 20

In honour of Peter Langworthy, HVIA Past President and industry leader, the Future Leader Award is in recognition of Peter’s long-standing commitment to the mentoring of young people and supporting their development to leadership roles.


2019 Community Leadership Award Winner

29 July 20

The HVIA Community Leadership Award recognises members who have engaged positively with the community.
The 2019 award winner was NTI for their MND Research Truck Restoration project.


2019 HVIA Safety Innovation Award Winner

20 July 20

HVIA’s Safety Innovation Award is a dual stream award that recognises members who have implemented a new product or system in their workplace, which has made that site or their business safer. The award also recognises members who have designed or manufactured a piece of equipment, component, technology or another safety solution that makes the heavy vehicle industry safer.


2019 HVIA Product Innovation Award Winner

15 July 20

The Product Innovation Award recognises HVIA members who have designed and utilised new technology or built an innovative product to address the growing road freight task. The award recognises products and services that provide innovative technological solutions for new and existing market needs.


2020 HVIA National Awards – Nominations open

8 July 20

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking said the 2020 HVIA National Awards is a great opportunity for members to recognise the dedication and commitment of their teams.
Nominations close on 14 August 2020.


Buchholz praises heavy vehicle ingenuity at HVIA Gala Awards

19 November 19

The heavy vehicle industry’s appetite for innovation was quenched at the 2019 HVIA Gala Awards Dinner held at South Brisbane’s Emporium Hotel on Friday night.
Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz MP praised the quality nominations competing for HVIA’s suite of awards.


HVIA Southern Region Awards Winners

22 October 18

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia celebrated its Southern Region Awards event on Friday night, including the inaugural presentation of three new awards.

Against a stunning backdrop across Docklands to Port Phillip Bay, the cocktail event was presented by HVIA key partner National Transport Insurance and TruckAssist, at the Victorian headquarters of HVIA insights partner, KPMG.

Special …


HVIA’s new National Awards kicks off

11 July 18

The Australian heavy vehicle industry’s capacity to provide innovative solutions for the road transport task will be acknowledged and celebrated by the industry’s national association, Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) with a suite of leadership and innovation awards launched today.

HVIA Chairman Nathan Usher says the new awards reinforce and uphold HVIA’s vision of an …


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