2021 Safety Innovation Award Nominations

The HVIA Safety Innovation Award, sponsored by SafeTstop, allows HVIA members to either nominate a safety product, safety feature or safety system that has been brought to market or implemented to make a product(s) or workplace safer.

The 2020 award went to Jost Australia for their SK42ASW Pneumatically Operated Sensor Fifth-Wheel nomination.

Nominations for the 2021 HVIA Safety Innovation Award feature both in-house solutions and new products, technologies, or equipment, improving safety for the heavy vehicle industry and its customers.

Read about the innovations below.

DriveCam SF300 – MV + AI Risk Detection Innovation

by DriveRisk Australasia

The DriveCam SF300 features machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI) which uses the internal lens as a sensor to directly detect risky ‘patterns’ of driver behaviour in real time.

Consider Machine Vision as the eyes of the device and Artificial Intelligence as the brains.

The DriveCam SF300 MV+AI technology is trained to recognise high-risk patterns of driving behaviours using over 220 billion kms of human curated, verified, and labelled examples of high-risk driving behaviours resulting in high accuracy detection with a low false positive rate.

DriveRisk uses this technology to uncover, identify, categorise and ultimately change the risk in client fleets.

Once the risks in your on-road operations are uncovered using MV+AI, our solution helps you to manage them effectively in a SMS process aligned to Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

This DriveCam platform helps mitigate incidents, reduce collisions, and motivate your drivers to be safer.

External Retro-fit Safety Prop

by Graham Lusty Trailers

The external retro-fit safety prop is designed to improve safety when completing maintenance or servicing under tipper trailers.

With the prop in place the trailer can not drop down even if controls are inadvertently used or a hoist or hydraulic line fail.

The prop is fitted above the landing leg of the semi trailer, placing it on the external side of the trailer for easy accessibility.

Once fitted, the prop remains attached to the chassis of the trailer so it can be easily utilised when needed, adding significant safety protection.

O’Phee B-double Crane Counterweight B-double Skel Trailer Combination

by the The Drake Group

O’Phee Trailers, part of The Drake Group of Companies, in conjunction with The Freo Group and WGC Cranes, has created a single trailer design to support a range of brands and sizes of crane.

Not only is it a more efficient solution it offers safety benefits through a specially designed ground level Load Restraint System, eliminating working at heights.

This smart multi-functional lightweight trailer suits all model crane types through a unique multi cradle system.

Its unique adjustable multi position cradle system has the ability to swap and change any accessory to fit any position whilst maximizing axle group loadings.

The trailer can be configured as a single trailer, B-double or road train and features a removable cassette cradle system. This eliminates the need for a different set of trailers for each crane type.

Road Pod

by Mass Products

Roadpod is an innovative truck loading system that replaces or integrates with truck bodies and trailers to allow transport workers to pre-load pods prior to delivery which can then be loaded (and unloaded) onto trucks in minutes.

It is the safest alternative to loading trucks at heights with absolutely no height safety equipment required.

While traditional fall prevention systems may reduce the risk of falls, Roadpod is the only truck fall protection solution that is so advanced it eliminates the risk of falls from heights by allowing crews to load, unload, secure and service trucks and trailers at ground level.

Scania OnScene App

by Scania Australia

Vehicles that suffer an unplanned stoppage may potentially expose the truck, its driver and the technicians attempting to repair it, to hazards of the repair itself and also the location/circumstances of the vehicle.

The Scania OnScene App requires the technician to undertake a risk assessment prior to starting work on the vehicle, to ensure they are not putting themselves in undue danger at the side of the road, at night or in times of poor visibility.

The App enables real-time communication between the technician and Scania Assistance, the customer and the driver, throughout the recovery or repair process.

SPOTTO Blind Spot Radar

by FleetSafe

The Spotto Blind Spot Radar uses high-frequency microwave technology to specifically risks associated with a driver’s limited visibility around trucks when changing or merging lanes, when turning at intersections or manouvering in the yard.

Spotto consists of a Radar sensor, fitted to the side of the truck, an LED warning light mounted at the truck’s A-pillar, in direct line-of-sight when checking the wing mirrors and a concealed buzzer.

Spotto is affordable, universal and easy-to-install into any make and model of truck – bringing this much-needed collision avoidance technology within reach of every truck owner or fleet operator.

Thermal Vision making Driving Safer

by Avantgarde Group

Thermal vision enables the driver to see in excess of 800m at night regardless of the use of headlights, giving them more time to observe, make decisions and react far sooner.

With thermal vision, aids the detection of hazards on the roads much further than what is visible with headlights, and even more so on low beam.

Hazards – such kangaroos, cattle, water and debris such as blown tyres and carion – are often easier to see on the thermal camera than with our own eyes due to colour contrast. For instance brown cows on red dirt and water flowing over the road.

When in Doubt Lock it Out

by Parish Engineering

Lock Out Tag Out couplings for the isolation and prevention of trailer operation.

This design enables One handed operation on any Male standard and self-sealing air fitting.

The design was produced to address gaps with current products available -other designs are two to five times the price and are not one-handed or one-piece operation when in use.

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