Flashback: Product Innovation Award

HVIA’s Product Innovation Award recognises members which have designed and/or utilised new technology, or built an innovative product to address the growing road freight task.

The Product Innovation Award recognises products and services that provide innovative technological solutions for new and existing market needs.

The 2021 HVIA Product Innovation Award, sponsored by NTI Australia, was won by SEA Electric for their Australian produced all-electric truck.

Nominations for the 2022 HVIA National Awards close Friday 9 September 2022.

Pictured above: Janelle Greene representing HVIA Product Innovation Award sponsor NTI with winner SEA Electric MD Bill Gillespie

The first Australian produced all-electric truck

by SEA Electric

In 2021, SEA Electric launched Australia’s first volume produced range of all-electric trucks, including the SEA 300 and the SEA 500 models, suiting applications from 4.5 tonne car licence vehicles through to 22.5 tonne 3 axle trucks.

The SEA-Drive® Power system is currently available in four specifications, ranging from 180HP/700Nm, through to 470HP/3,500Nm, with various battery capacities from 88kWh through to 220kWh.

The trucks are produced from a Semi Knocked Down (SKD) kit, with the donor truck cab mated to chassis rails, suspension, wheels and all drive-train components at the SEA Electric factory.

The process has resulted in many specialist jobs being created, both in the company’s engineering ranks and within the factory.

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