National Apprentice Challenge

The National Apprentice Challenge is an exciting opportunity for heavy vehicle mechanical apprentices to take part in an “hands-on” competition staged live at the biennial Brisbane Truck Show.

Teams of two apprentices are selected to represent each of HVIA’s three national regions: Eastern covering New South Wales, ACT and Queensland; Southern including Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia and North-West, taking in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The three regional teams work simultaneously, on identical trucks, generously to identify and rectify a series of programmed faults as the clock ticks.

The winning team is the first successfully to identify and repair all the faults, or the team that rectifies the most faults within the allowed time frame.

For visitors to the show the competition is quite a dynamic spectacle, with commentary explaining the apprentices’ moves and strategy, as their approach to addressing the challenge unfolds. Things can get tense as the teams watch their available time evaporate.

The National Apprentice Challenge is a terrific showcase for heavy vehicle mechanical apprenticeships, demonstrating the nous and initiative quickly developed by these new entrants to the industry. It also aims to promote and foster a professional image of the heavy vehicle industry to the wider community.

The teams are selected from nominees based on their results from a two-hour exam held in each region.

The successful apprentices are hosted to attend the Brisbane Truck Show with all expenses covered including travel, meals and accommodation.

The winners will receive prize packages including hosted trips to the V8 Supercars thanks to major sponsors NTI Truck Assist and tool prizes donated by Warby Tools.

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