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Talk the Torque – 2022-09-21
Fuel Tax Credit restored on 29 September

Talk the Torque – 2022-09-14
Who will help with women who weld?

Talk the Torque – 2022-09-07
Award nomination effort returned in spades

Talk the Torque – 2022-08-31
Grattan Truck Report misses the easy wins and ignores key obstacles

Talk the Torque – 2022-08-24
Shortages, summits and submissions

Talk the Torque – 2022-08-17
A new finance solution to ease the risk for OEM’s

Talk the Torque – 2022-08-10
Step in the Right Direction

Talk the Torque – 2022-08-03
Safety Innovation in the spotlight

Talk the Torque – 2022-07-27
Skills shortages are impacting productivity

Talk the Torque – 2022-07-20
Time to recognise leaders, talent and innovation

Talk the Torque – 2022-07-13
The attraction of good traction

Talk the Torque – 2022-07-06
New PBS Notice is progress – but not the end goal

Talk the Torque – 2022-06-29
Reflections and ambitions

Talk the Torque – 2022-06-22
HVIA campaign to build pipeline of new starters

Talk the Torque – 2022-06-15
HVIA Board Welcomes New Directors

Talk the Torque – 2022-06-08
Is cloning ROVER the answer to VTA delays?

Talk the Torque – 2022-06-01
CEO Report – June 2022

Talk the Torque – 2022-05-25
HVIA Congratulates Albanese Government 

Talk the Torque – 2022-05-19
ALP and LNP survey results are in

Talk the Torque – 2022-05-18
The countdown is on – One year until BTS23!

Talk the Torque – 2022-05-11
Federal Election 2022: Skills & Jobs priorities

Talk the Torque – 2022-05-04
Sustainability election policy and lowering the heat on Australia’s hot economy

Talk the Torque – 2022-04-27
This is no time for personality politics 

Talk the Torque – 2022-04-20
You can help unlock access to Australian Standards 

Talk the Torque – 2022-04-13
Election 2022: Policies that help us to help Australia

Talk the Torque – 2022-04-06
Have your say in HVIA’s 2022 Federal Election campaign

Talk the Torque – 2022-03-23
Our pathway to electromobility

Talk the Torque – 2022-03-16
Industry welcomes $40 million investment to improve regional bridges

Talk the Torque – 2022-03-09
Blowout in heavy vehicle access permits  at crisis point

Talk the Torque – 2022-03-02
HVIA Members affected by devastating floods

Talk the Torque – 2022-02-23
Who is reaping the benefits?

Talk the Torque – 2022-02-16
News, issues and events for the heavy vehicle industry

Talk the Torque – 2022-02-09
CEO Report to February State Committees

Talk the Torque – 2022-02-02
Coupling strength project | Director retires | HVIA meeting dates | plus much more

Talk the Torque – 2022-01-27
Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) direct orders

Talk the Torque – 2022-01-19
Happy New Year and welcome back

Talk the Torque – 2022-01-12
COVID-19 Policy Checklist


Talk the Torque – 2021-12-15
A letter to members ahead of the Christmas break

Talk the Torque – 2021-12-09
Keeping calm on AdBlue

Talk the Torque – 2021-12-01
Manufacturers told: don’t miss VTA opt-in deadline

Talk the Torque – 2021-11-24
National Award winners showcase industry’s resilience

Talk the Torque – 2021-11-17
State Committees – all members are invited

Talk the Torque – 2021-11-10
HVIA welcomes Government investment in Future Fuels infrastructure

Talk the Torque – 2021-11-03
How the Government’s statement at COP26 affects you

Talk the Torque – 2021-10-27
BTS21 honoured with Australian Event Award

Talk the Torque – 2021-10-20
Two Directors retiring from HVIA Board

Talk the Torque – 2021-10-13
NTC lays out consultation roadmap for HVNL

Talk the Torque – 2021-10-06
Join us for the HVIA Awards Gala breakfast

Talk the Torque – 2021-09-29
HVIA skills shortage survey confirms issues

Talk the Torque – 2021-09-22
Electromobility – a new set of skills challenges

Talk the Torque – 2021-09-15
International symposium HVTT-17 coming to BTS23

Talk the Torque – 2021-09-08
We’ve all had the jab. How about you?

Talk the Torque – 2021-09-01
HVIA welcomes new ATA CEO Michael Deegan

Talk the Torque – 2021-08-25
It’s HVIA State Committee week; last chance for Awards nominations

Talk the Torque – 2021-08-18
Need more time? You’ve got it! – HVIA National Award Nominations

Talk the Torque – 2021-08-11
Nominations for the HVIA National Awards close next week

Talk the Torque – 2021-08-04
Industry Celebrates as PBS Tyre Changes Given Green Light

Talk the Torque – 2021-07-28
National Cabinet charges transport ministers with removing border problems

Talk the Torque – 2021-07-21
Business restrictions during COVID-19

Talk the Torque – 2021-07-14
Awards nominations open now, survey prize winners, energy analysis and more

Talk the Torque – 2021-07-07
RVSA in place but work still required

Talk the Torque – 2021-06-30
Updated VTA guide in preparation for RVSA go-live

Talk the Torque – 2021-06-23
Thriving in extraordinary times

Talk the Torque – 2021-06-16
HVIA State Committee online, NTARC positive findings, plus much more

Talk the Torque – 2021-06-09
HVIA State Committees say ‘yes’ to truck widths and ‘no’ to trailer widths

Talk the Torque – 2021-06-02
HVIA State Committee Meeting Update

Talk the Torque – 2021-05-26
The 2021 Brisbane Truck Show pulled it off and then some

Talk the Torque – 2021-05-05
2021 Brisbane Truck Show – One week to go!

Talk the Torque – 2021-04-28
NHVR’s pledge to fix PBS

Talk the Torque – 2021-04-21
Queensland Government backs AHVIW

Talk the Torque – 2021-04-14
PBS Delays Hurting Industry

Talk the Torque – 2021-04-07
Get behind Troy’s truck push for kids

Talk the Torque – 2021-03-31
Time to unveil the future of fuels

Talk the Torque – 2021-03-24
BTS21 VIP tickets now available for members

Talk the Torque – 2021-03-17
Looking for answers to supply chain breakdowns

Talk the Torque – 2021-03-10
Government Backs Thousands of New Apprentice and Trainee Jobs

Talk the Torque – 2021-03-03
Tickets now on sale for BTS21

Talk the Torque – 2021-02-24
Brisbane Truck Show – Full Steam Ahead

Talk the Torque – 2021-02-17
Full advocacy strategies on the table at HVIA State Committee meetings

Talk the Torque – 2021-02-10
The Government’s new Future Fuels Strategy should be more courageous

Talk the Torque – 2021-02-03
Inspiring activations coming to the BTS21 Jobs Hub

Talk the Torque – 2021-01-27
What will you be showcasing at BTS21?

Talk the Torque – 2021-01-20
Have you got your RVSA implementation plan ready?

Talk the Torque – 2021-01-13
The return of business events is a priority for the economy and industry


Talk the Torque – 2020-12-16
Dear Santa: HVIA wish list for 2021

Talk the Torque – 2020-12-9
Virtual BTS – reaching audiences everywhere

Talk the Torque – 2020-12-2
Adding safety equipment deductible under temporary full expensing

Talk the Torque – 2020-11-25
Don’t miss State Committees + Award winners announced

Talk the Torque – 2020-11-18
National Road Safety Week

Talk the Torque – 2020-11-11
HVIA’s State Committees are back!

Talk the Torque – 2020-11-4
HV101 online course hits the ground running & much more

Talk the Torque – 2020-10-29
HVIA leadership group consolidated at AGM & much more

Talk the Torque – 2020-10-21
Special bumper edition – machinery show, awards breakfast, national apprentice challenge & much more

Talk the Torque – 2020-10-14
National Awards Breakfast

Talk the Torque – 2020-10-07
Budget 2020-21: A business led recovery

Talk the Torque – 2020-09-30
Have your say on HVNL 2.0 impact

Talk the Torque – 2020-09-23
Industry welcomes Government commitment to future fuels

Talk the Torque – 2020-09-16
Flawed Engineers scheme – Vale Ivan Vodanovich + much more

Talk the Torque – 2020-09-09
There’s more to say after R U OK?

Talk the Torque – 2020-09-02
IAWO and guaranteed loans for your customers

Talk the Torque – 2020-09-01
SPECIAL EDITION – A tribute to 50 years of membership: 1970-2020

Talk the Torque – 2020-08-26
Celebrating HVIA Membership for 50 years

Talk the Torque – 2020-08-19
Safety Devices to be exempted from dimension rules

Talk the Torque – 2020-08-12
HVIA appeals for funding to modernise heavy vehicle manufacturing

Talk the Torque – 2020-08-05
Stage 4 implications, awards deadlines, future fuels and a whole lot more

Talk the Torque – 2020-07-29
Border confusion doesn’t help anyone

Talk the Torque – 2020-07-22
Partners locked and loaded for 2021 Brisbane Truck Show

Talk the Torque – 2020-07-15
Thornycroft restoration pushing along

Talk the Torque – 2020-07-08
2020 HVIA National Awards – Nominations open

Talk the Torque – 2020-07-01
NHVR launches heavy vehicle technology blueprint

Talk the Torque – 2020-06-24
Reflections – year in review

Talk the Torque – 2020-06-17
10,000 PBS vehicles is only just the beginning

Talk the Torque – 2020-06-10
HVIA lead campaign to promote stimulus

Talk the Torque – 2020-06-03
HVIA Board welcomes two new Directors

Talk the Torque – 2020-05-27
HVIA appeals the crippling cost for rear marking plates retro-fit

Talk the Torque – 2020-05-20
Stimulus on the table as Buchholz meets with HVIA Board

Talk the Torque – 2020-05-13
One year today until the doors open for the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show

Talk the Torque – 2020-05-06
On-site Infection Prevention & Control and much more…

Talk the Torque – 2020-04-29
Safety benefits add to the pay-off for COVID-19 stimulus extension – Vale Malcolm Chisholm – JobKeeper Payment Guides

Talk the Torque – 2020-04-22
Roller Brake Tester calibration pressure eased, Component Type Approvals papers released plus much more

Talk the Torque – 2020-04-15
JobKeeper subsidies legislated, a shout out to the truckers, Dangerous Goods Tanker Standard Revised and more

Talk the Torque – 2020-04-08
Two new acronyms, all about the Oracle and much more

Talk the Torque – 2020-04-01
A call to arms to all Australian manufacturers to consider if production lines can be converted

Talk the Torque – 2020-03-25
Vital insights informing government decisions – essential service – restrictions on cross-border movements

Talk the Torque – 2020-03-18
ComVec 2020 postponement – industry praises incentives to activate business spending – State Committee meetings postponed – Employer’s Guide to COVID-19

Talk the Torque – 2020-03-11
Leaders need to halt the panic. I’m on Team Australia! – Have your say on HVNL policy

Talk the Torque – 2020-03-04
Your next generation workforce? – HVIA State Committees – Round 1 wraps in Melbourne – NHVR industry safety survey – International Women’s Day breakfast

Talk the Torque – 2020-02-26
HVIA budget submission calls for bonus investment allowance – Heavy Vehicle Industry to Benefit as Representation Streamlined – State Committee addresses impacts of virus on supply – The New Vehicle, Repair, Services & Retail Award

Talk the Torque – 2020-02-19
Automotive skills still vital to Australia’s economy – ComVec 2020 – what your customers are telling you – Restoring a piece of Truck Show history

Talk the Torque – 2020-02-12
ComVec 2020 – solutions for the new decade – Industry’s compliance costs need oversight – ADR 38/05 – Trailer Brake Certification – Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grants

Talk the Torque – 2020-02-05
ComVec 2020 – solutions for the new decade – Industry’s compliance costs need oversight – Cost recovery under RVSA submissions deadline – Australian Standards couplings & seatbelt reviews

Talk the Torque – 2020-01-29
PBS tyre report recommendations on the table – What to expect: HVIA State Committee meetings – Australia Day honours

Talk the Torque – 2020-01-22
HVIA Director to head up SAF Holland – HVIA State Committee meeting schedule – PACCAR & dealers donate to bushfire appeal – Industry present bushfire recovery plan – Bruce Rock move into Geraldton – NHVR Portal – vehicle standards update – Accelerating Commercialisation Grants

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