Tech Assist

Tech Assist technical and regulatory support

HVIA provides unbiased and confidential assistance in many of the following circumstances:

  • Interpretation of: Vehicle technical regulations – ADRs, VSB 6,
  • Australian Standards
  • PBS requirements
  • Operational requirements or standards (e.g. dangerous goods vehicles)
  • NHVR and State regulations

How does it work?
HVIA utilises its contacts with regulators to assist in overcoming
red tape such as a delayed certification application or vehicle
standards exemptions.

Tech Assist is a free service to HVIA member companies and can save you time and money, avoiding unnecessary back and forth with regulators, and avoid unnecessary rework for you and your client.

All enquiries treated confidentially.

Call today on: 07 3376 6266 and speak to Paul Caus, HVIA Chief Technical Officer = Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm

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