HVIA Jobs Hub

The Brisbane Truck Show has a proud history of showcasing career opportunities in the heavy vehicle industry – bringing tens of busloads of school students to each event for facilitated career presentations and tours of the show floor.

The Jobs Hub offers a highly engaging and interactive format supported by a dedicated web portal and an on-site speed-interviewing style Jobs Exchange.

Meet the heavy vehicle industry ambassadors here

Industry employers are able to post positions of all types on the portal and clarify whether experience and qualifications are required, or if they are suitable for people looking to enter the industry for the first time.

The portal means employers are able employers to pre-screen candidates ahead of time and ensure the right people are prioritised.

Equally it allows job-seekers to filter through the available jobs to find positions that suit their interests, their location and their skill and experience levels.

The Jobs Hub also features a range of exhibitors representing training organisations, and career specialists talking to attendees about career paths and how to get started on the journey.

Over the weekend the focus shifts to all job seekers, including skilled workers looking to transition from another career or industry.

The initiative is being supported by the Queensland Government and will draw considerable press in the lead-up and during the event.

The Brisbane Truck Show is renowned as Australia’s premier industry business-to-business and networking event, but it’s much more than that; it offers education and business insights; it connects with the broader community and it showcases great opportunities to be a part of a thriving Australian industry.

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