Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) 2019

Current Status

Replacement of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MVSA) with the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) will have significant impacts on the heavy vehicle industry.


In December 2018 the Commonwealth Parliament passed legislation to replace the MVSA with the RVSA. The original date for this legislation to take effect was 10 December 2019.

As part of the consultation process HVIA has expressed concern over the impact of the legislation on industry.

In early July 2019, at the request of HVIA and other industry bodies, the Government introduced a Bill into Parliament to delay the implementation date.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (The Department) is expecting that the Bill will go through the Parliament in July.

Now that the Bill has gone through Parliament, the RVSA will come into effect some time before 1 July 2021 at a date to be set by proclamation.

The key impacts of this legislation are:

  • New requirements for obtaining approval to deliver vehicles into the Australian market including:
    • Replacement of Identification Plate Approvals (IPAs) under the MVSA with Type approvals under the RVSA
    • A requirement for existing IPA holders to migrate their IPAs to Type Approvals within the first 6 months after the implementation date.
    • Replacement of Component Registration Numbers (CRNs) and Sub assembly Registration Numbers (SARNs) with Component Type Approvals
    • Revised procedures around Testing Facilities
  • The introduction of a Register of Authorised Vehicles which will be a publicly assessible database containing similar data to that put on the current compliance plate along with a requirement that all road vehicles supplied to consumers will require a RAV entry before they can be registered
  • Revision to the Special and Enthusiast vehicle and other concessional schemes
  • Revisions to fees and penalties under the legislation.
  • Provisions for recalls of heavy vehicles and components


The current Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MVSA) will be replaced with the Road Vehicle Safety Act (RVSA) over the next two years.

The legislation was passed by the Parliament in late 2018 and the rules were published in early 2019. The original implementation date for this legislation was 10 December 2019.

In June 2019 HVIA wrote to the Department  expressing concern over the proposed timetables in the legislation and the problems both the Department and industry would have in meeting these timelines.

In response in early July 2019, the Government introduced a Bill into Parliament to delay the implementation date.

The exact timing of the legislation will be set by proclamation but must be before July 2021.

This change in the legislation will have substantial impacts on the heavy vehicle industry and it is important that HVIA members have an understanding of the impact of the legislation on their business.

The key areas where the new legislation will have an impact are:

  • All manufacturers or importers who currently are required to fit compliance plates to vehicles will also need to load the information currently on the compliance plate into the new Register of Approved Vehicles. The Department has published a guide to the data formats that the information needs to comply with along with processes for loading the data. (see here)
  • Manufacturers/importers will need to have systems in place to load the data into the RAV by 10 December 2019 or the vehicles they produce will not be able to be registered.
  • Manufacturers/ Importers will need to convert any approvals they currently have under the MVSA to approvals under the RVSA. The process for undertaking this will commence  on the implementation date  (10 December 2019 or such later date as is proclaimed) and Manufacturers/importers will have 6 months to “opt in”. This will allow these vehicles to continue to be produced for another 5 years with the ability to extend for another 7 years. The Department of Infrastructure has published a discussion paper on the opt in process. (See here)
  • Manufacturers who have vehicle models approved under the MVSA but do not convert their approvals to the new legislation will only be able to continue to produce them until 12 months after the implementation date if they do not opt in.
  • Any new models of vehicle introduced after the implementation date will need to comply with the new legislative requirements of the RVSA. The Department has produced a discussion paper providing an overview of the type approvals process. (See here)
  • All Component Registration Numbers (CRNs) and Sub Assembly Registration Numbers (SARNs) will also need to be converted across the Component Type Approvals. These conversions will need to happen before new vehicle models can be approved. So far, the Department has only provided limited information on how this process will work.
  • HVIA is concerned that the processes for conversion of SARNs and CRNS may be expensive and may cause delays in getting new vehicle models approved. Current discussions with the department indicate that substantial retesting of components may be required.
  • HVIA is working with the Department of Infrastructure to cost the proposed changes and look for ways to minimise testing and reduce the cost to industry.
  • There are also changes proposed to the rules for concessional vehicles such as specialist and enthusiast vehicles.
  • Procedures around body fitment, modification of imported vehicles to comply with the ADR and inspection of these vehicles will also change.

Details of how all of these changes will happen are the subject of an ongoing consultative process with the Department of Infrastructure and need to be progressively finalised by December this year.

At this stage there are significant gaps in the forms and guidance materials available on how most of these changes will work in practice.

Latest news on RVSA

Component Type Approvals changes are a win for industry

8 July 20

After almost 12 month of negotiations lead by HVIA, the Department of Infrastructure recently revised its approach to Component Type Approvals. At an industry consultation meeting on Monday afternoon HVIA and key industry stakeholders praised the Department for responding
positively to industry concerns.


New timeline for RVSA changes

10 June 20

The Department of Infrastructure has just updated its RVS legislation implementation webpage, which includes a new section on our stakeholder commitment and a link to a revised RVS Legislation Program Roadmap calendar.


Testing facility applications now open

6 May 20

The Department of Infrastructure has announced that organisations wishing to register as a testing facility under the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) should be able to submit applications from Wednesday 6 May 2020.


Component Type Approvals papers released

22 April 20

The Department of Infrastructure has released two documents explaining how Component Type Approvals will be managed under the new Road Vehicle Standards Act which will come into force next year.


Next round of RVSA consultation commencing soon

14 April 20

The Department of Infrastructure has announced that it will be releasing some additional Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) guidance material for review within approximately the next week.


Is your evidence good enough?

6 March 19

Members who holds an approval under the the Motor Vehicle Standards Act for Vehicle, a Component (CRN) or a Sub Assembly (SARN) should undertake an audit of the evidence used to obtain the approval.

HVIA’s Greg Forbes says that changes set for implementation in the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) from December this year will …


The Road Vehicle Standards Act is coming

28 November 18

HVIA National Manager Policy and Government Relations Greg Forbes says that the new Road Vehicle Standards Act legislation is in its final stages in Parliament and is expected to take  effect from late 2019 and be fully in place by late 2020.

In particular, truck manufacturers, trailer manufacturers and component suppliers need to understand the implications …


Please Contact HVIA’s National Manager Policy and Government  Relations, Greg Forbes 0437923755 for further information.

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