Thank you for your interest in Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) and taking this opportunity to explore partnering with us.

HVIA looks to forge deep, sustainable, and mutually beneficial partnerships that provide tangible benefits to our members.

We look to provide more than just service, but insights and intelligence that our members can utilise to build and grow prosperous businesses.

Our extensive suite of partnership and sponsorship opportunities align with our activities, intellectual property and other proprietary initiatives, and of course, access to our members.

Our partners are able to develop deeper relationships with HVIA members by building trust through the provision of valuable insights.

We seek partners from across a variety of industries that, whilst not necessarily specialists in our sector, are vital to our members’ businesses.

Creating value for our partners

HVIA partners and sponsors enjoy a variety of benefits commensurate with each package from our range of high-profile sponsorship opportunities.

Each provides a tremendous opportunity to build your organisation’s profile and business portfolio through access to Australia’s heavy vehicle industry.

If you are interested in finding out more please reach out to our Corporate Partnerships Manager by contacting our office.

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