2020 HVIA Product Innovation Award nominations

HVIA’s Product Innovation Award (sponsored by NTI & Truck Assist) recognises HVIA Members who have designed and utilised new technology or built an innovative product to address the growing road freight task.

The 2019 award went to Graham Lusty Trailers for their High Volume Side Tipper nomination.

The sixteen nominations for the 2020 HVIA Productivity Innovation Award include products and services that provide innovative technological solutions for new and existing market needs.

Read about their innovative products below.

Pacific Telematics Trailer IQ

by Air Brake Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd

TrailerIQ is the first telematics system designed in Australia that utilises Trailer Electronic Braking System (TEBS) data irrespective of the make of the TEBS (Wabco, Knorr or Haldex).

TrailerIQ extracts the TEBS data and any additional componentry data in real-time. The location of the trailer is also mapped, providing fleets with very powerful tools to analyse and improve vehicle behaviour, safety and productivity.

Promata Mata 7 TPMS for Truck & Trailer

by Carmate Electronics Pty Ltd

Mata7 is an advanced tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that solves issues including dropping and picking-up different trailers, and signal strength over distance from console to end-wheel.

When a trailer is dropped off, the unique user interface automatically registers when a trailer is connected or disconnected.

Users can set two monitoring ranges: one for steering wheel and one for other wheels, displaying two tyres’ data at one time making it efficient when checking tyre information. Mata 7 can also be integrated into tracking systems.

Ultimate Road-Train Braking Systems for OEMs

by REDARC Electronics

REDARC have designed to solution which takes road-train safety to the next level for both the driver and road users generally, in time to meet the updated ADR 35/06, requiring enhanced braking safety systems on heavy vehicles.

REDARC’s “DPS24D” is a custom designed 12V to 24V dual channel switch-mode booster, ready to provide ABS/EBS power in emergency braking situations in the harshest of Australian environments and road conditions.

Hevi Spec/Spider Path

by Tiger Spider Pty Ltd

Hevi Spec is an online high-productivity vehicle design tool that allows users to create almost any high-productivity combination and test it against Performance Based Standards.

The modular vehicle builder includes prime movers, rigid trucks, buses, special purpose vehicles, pigs, dogs, semi-trailers, goose-neck dollies and non-standard trailers with multiple axle groups. Steerable axles, powertrain, suspension, tyres and coupling can all be configured.

Hevi Spec/Spider Path also provides an intuitive and easy to use online route assessment tool for transport companies and road managers to more confidently apply and confirm that a vehicle combination will fit a specific route or network.

Pacific Slimline Bullbar

by King Bars

King Bars have changed from the original bullbar design of posts and pipes and utilised 16mm aluminium plate to create a bullbar that is constructed to give maximum strength while minimising the frontal protrusion of the bullbar.

The interlocking construction makes the new design even stronger than the original in some cases. 6mm plate covers the face of the posts and cross members to give a clean finish whilst retaining access to the back of the bullbar for mounting and wiring.

The bullbar is typically mounted utilising the manufacturers tow points, allowing a rated tow point for the client. That is essential for vehicles delivering to mine sites to ensure the vehicle can be recovered if required.

IDM Range

by Lucidity Australia Pty Ltd

Integrated Distribution Module (IDM) is a turn-key-solution for trailer wiring.

The Australian designed and manufactured product range improves the electrical interface between components requiring electrical connections. The integrated DT connectors allow for ‘plug-and-play’ connection of critical trailer electrical components, being robust, serviceable and convenient.

With the increasing demand of electrical connections on a modern trailer there needs to be consideration for electrical design upfront, no matter the trailer application.

Mitsubishi TFV150GA

by QTRS Pty Ltd

The TFV150GA is a Hybrid trailer refrigeration system with a unique combination of value propositions including heat pump technology that guarantees quicker defrost & therefore quicker return to cooling operation in high summer time ambient temperatures and precise temperature even in the coldest of winters.

TFV150GA is the only trailer refrigeration unit in the market that has the same capacity when operating on engine mode or commercial power.

Its inverter control technology automatically switches to best operational mode to ensure industry leading fuel efficiency and the automatic timer function will provide precooling without influence of driver or telematics.

The TFV150GA is the quietest self-contained trailer refrigeration unit in the market and is suitable for diesel, Hybrid or electric trucks.

Mitsubishi TE30GA

by QTRS Pty Ltd

Mitsubishi’s TE30GAE all electric refrigeration system is a small truck unit that perfectly combines operating efficiency with environment sustainability.

It features a hybrid system that combines of a commercial plug-in-power source, a backup battery & an alternator dedicated to the refrigerator, the system automatically switches between power supplies depending on the status of the vehicle operation (idling, running, parked etc).

The TE30GAE reduces Co2 emmissions, reduces total cost of ownership drastically & provides the perfect solution for urban & home delivery distribution with its extremely quiet operation.

The TE30GAE ensures to maintain maximum shelf life of the cargo while eliminating loss through incorrect temperature spoilage.

JSK42ASW Pneumatically Operated Sensor Fifth-Wheel

by Jost Australia Pty Ltd

Jost’s JSK42ASW reduces manual strain injury when operating a fifth-wheel and minimises the likelihood of a dropped trailer by giving a clear indication when the coupling is correctly secured.

A pneumatic cylinder is activated from the cabin, removes the manual effort required to operate the fifth-wheel.

A three-way sensor system detects the correct height of the trailer skid-plate, the correct position of the kingpin and the correct position of the secondary safety mechanism before signalling to the driver that the fifth-wheel is closed.

The three-point check makes it much easier to correctly identify the coupling status, particularly at night or where visual checks are difficult.

DAF New CF & XF Model Range

by Paccar Australia Pty Ltd

The new range of Australian DAF XF & CFs have been designed for local operating conditions and the introduction of Euro 6 emission standards (prior to government mandates) and an additional 20 horsepower contribute to increase productivity and up-to 10% reduction in fuel consumption over previous models.

A redesign of the cab interior will reduce driver fatigue and improves safety, further enhanced by active safety features that help avoid emergency situations by alerting the driver and that protect the driver and other road users in the event of a collision.

The new Protective Cab Suspension and Construction system is an energy-absorbing cab suspension and reinforced cab structure that has pre-programmed front and rear crumple zones to provide industry-leading vehicle safety and passenger protection.

The front mechanical mounting system has a shear hinge device that will allow the cab to move backwards along the chassis to partially absorb a frontal collision impact, without detaching from the chassis rail to further protect the driver and passenger.

Kenworth T410

by Paccar Australia Pty Ltd

A set-back front axle and shorter bumper-to-back-of-cab length deliver maximum productivity, give the Kenworth T410 greater productivity, versatility, performance, and comfort, optimising owner and driver appeal in a vocationally-intended truck.

The 2.1-metre cab is significantly wider, more spacious, more ergonomic and better equipped, offering drivers superior comfort both while they’re driving and when moving around the cabin.

Driver comfort is further enhanced by an advanced heating and air-conditioning system with automatic climate control.

Built around the PACCAR MX-13 litre engine and transmission, the 12-speed design is smoother, delivering performance and fuel economy.

Selecting transmission modes and exhaust brake is easy with both in one convenient location now operated via a transmission stalk controller on the right of the steering column. Moving the transmission controller away from the dash provides more space for easier movement around the cabin.

SEA-Drive power systems

by SEA Electric

SEA-Drive® power-systems are electric powertrains for production and retrofit into commercial vehicles ranging from 4500kg-23500 kg GVM.

SEA-Drive® system charges using 32A three-phase power via an on-board charging system which allows the vehicle to charge through standard power in every transport depot, offering the largest charging network in the world.

Electric commercial vehicles are ideal for metropolitan back to base duties with stop start driving due to regenerative braking recycling energy back into the battery. SEA-Drive® systems are proven in vehicles ranging from delivery vans to refuse vehicles.

SEA-Drive® software is designed to ISO 26262 “Road vehicles – Functional Safety”, including driver comfort and energy usage optimization. The system includes data collection devices and telematics to enable communication of vehicle health and performance.

SEA-Drive® system has proven to have beneficial total-cost-of-ownership when compared to diesel vehicles due to removal of diesel fuel, reduction of moving parts requiring less maintenance and the regeneration and reuse of power.

Freighter Converter Dolly

by MaxiTrans Industries Limited

The project explores the further development of a rigid drawbar convertor dolly and comes after discussions with industry regarding the dynamic issues with hinged drawbar convertor dollies, including brake reactivity and tyre wear and suspension performance.

Many units are now out in the field in A-Double configurations. The feedback has been extremely positive with repetitive orders coming from clients who have gone with this innovation.

GLT 64 inch Easysteer

by Graham Lusty Trailers

“GLT 64” Self Steering Axle set up at rear is the only one of its kind in Australia. The unique tri-axle self steering combination at the rear, allows for 26 tonne load.

This extra long trailer has the cubic capacity of a B-double and can go anywhere a normal B double trailer can go.

However it is registered as a single trailer and does not require a B double licence to drive it.

Electronic Distance Recorder (EDR2)

by Teletrac Navman

The EDR2 electronic distance recorder accurately monitor weight and distance travelled which are required in New Zealand for road user charges.

The electronic hub-odometer type device uses a combination of GNSS (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) measurement and wheel rotation to accurately measure trailer location, distance travelled, and automate the purchasing and distribution of road user charges (RUC) licences.

Energy is harnessed from wheel rotation to charge the internal battery, makes it a self-sufficient standalone product

Designed to fit directly on the wheel hub of trailers, the EDR2 enables access to the wheel for standard maintenance, and it is built to withstand the rigours of transport, the device is water resistant and can withstand debris and damage.

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