Take thirty to recognise your achievements

This Friday is the close of the HVIA Awards nominations.  

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking has called on members to commit thirty minutes to submitting a nomination in one of the association’s five national awards categories.

“HVIA members do great work in these areas,” he said. “It is a shame not to recognise your team’s efforts.

“I know, for instance, that nominating for the Community Leadership Award goes against the grain for many of you – not wanting to grandstand about your quiet, behind-the-scenes generosity, however, those efforts are a great inspiration for others to contribute to their own communities.

“The awards are a rare chance to pause and reflect on the achievements of your team and the talent spread across your organisation.

“Importantly, HVIA uses these awards to demonstrate our industry’s hard work and innovation to Government, regulators and stakeholders.

“The award nomination process is not arduous; I implore you to take thirty minutes and nominate this week.” 

Entries started by CoB Friday will have until next Wednesday (30/8) to complete the nomination.

Full details of each award can be accessed by following the links:

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