Much more than just a job

A career in the heavy vehicle industry could take you all over the world

Australia is a leader in driving innovation that allows our nation’s ever-increasing freight task to be managed safely and productively.

You probably already know that trucks deliver pretty much everything you use every day – your TV, your phone, your furniture, your clothes, your food – even your car arrived on a truck.

Australia’s heavy vehicle industry is planning and building the vehicles and technology for our current and future needs. We also deliver:

  • innovation,
  • sustainability,
  • technology, and…
  • diverse and rewarding career paths.

It could be your future too!

What sort of roles?

If you are keen on a trade, there are three different pathways, with lots of other options attached to each:

  • Heavy vehicle mechanical
  • Heavy vehicle technology and
  • Trailer manufacturing/vehicle body-building

Maybe you would like the logistics side? Warehouse control and stock/inventory management.

Or, at University you can’t go past Engineering. You could be designing the next amazing truck or trailer or smart safety technology?

Of course, there are countless other roles in marketing, finance, administration, customer service, HR and much more.

It is a great industry to keep developing new skills.

Meet some of our great people

We invited ambassadors from various sectors of the heavy vehicle industry to share the stories of their fascinating and diverse career paths.

There is a consistent theme that has come through from all of them:

  • if you have a “can-do” attitude, and
  • you are willing to throw yourself in and give things a red-hot go,

…this industry has endless opportunities that will set you up for life.

Some great advice about giving things a go

Here is a taste of some of our skilled young apprentices, demonstrating just how high-tech today’s trucks are to a couple of thousand high school students at the last Brisbane Truck Show.

BTW There’s also some brilliant advice – definitely worth listening to:

Let’s do this! Get on board here

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About the heavy vehicle industry

Australia’s automotive manufacturing industry is alive and well, with hundreds of innovative trailer, specialised vehicle, component, equipment and technology manufacturers and suppliers in addition to the product assembly of global heavy vehicle brands such as Volvo, Mack, Kenworth, DAF, Iveco, SEA Electric and now Hyzon.

Australia’s Heavy Vehicle Industry directly employs over 36,000 people and manufactures, services and repairs some of the world’s most efficient, safe, innovative and technologically advanced vehicles.

Like to know more about the industry?

HV101 is an engaging, short, online course that will answer heaps of your questions about the heavy vehicle industry. You’ll know all the lingo in no time.

A career in the heavy vehicle industry is about far more than just your singular skillset – it is how your contribution fits into the big picture. Your role is a vital cog in the machinery that allows the trucking industry to keep Australia moving.

Our training programs will help you achieve your full potential in your career, your workplace, and in the heavy vehicle industry.

At the completion of the dynamic, interactive online course, you’ll be able to follow non-technical discussions around heavy vehicle topics and understand what is being discussed, having learned a working vocabulary of common heavy vehicle terminology.

*T&C’s/Privacy: All data captured through this initiative will only be used for the specific purpose of providing links to employment and/or training initiatives and opportunities. HVIA members with employment and/or work experience opportunities will be matched with interested applicants to allow offers to be made.

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