Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 (VSB6) Review

Current status

Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 is the national code of practice for heavy vehicle modification and is published by the NHVR. HVIA is currently working with the NHVR on updates to VSB6.


In 2018 the NHVR recognised that the sections of VSB6 relating to tippers needed amendment and  asked HVIA for assistance. HVIA established a working group of members with experience in building tipper bodies and has proceeded with the drafting of the relevant sections of VSB6


In 2017 the NHVR conducted a major review of VSB6 which resulted in Version 3 being brought into effect on 1 September 2017. This review included

In parallel with the review the NHVR established an industry working group to oversea ongoing modifications to VSB 6. HVIA represents the Heavy Vehicle Industry on that committee.

In 2018 the NHVR decided that the sections of the code related to the fitment of tipper bodies needed to be amended and requested HVIA draft a new section of the code on behalf of the NHVR. HVIA invited members with experience in fitting these bodies to join a working group to assist in the drafting of the new code. The group identified a series of areas where the code needed amendment including:

In conjunction with its members HVIA has drafted the new code in three sections covering:

These three sections are currently being reviewed by HVIA members. HVIA expects to complete the draft code by August 2019 and will provide the draft code to the NHVR. The code will then be it will be subject to internal review by the NHVR and a public consultation process.

Please Contact HVIA’s Chief Technical Officer, Paul Caus 0437901669 for further information.

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