State Committees

HVIA’s State Committees are a regular interactive forum to:

  • inform members on current and emerging issues and opportunities,
  • tap into the views of our membership
  • get together with your peers

The State Committees are chaired by HVIA Directors, creating a conduit directly to the Board, from which policy direction is settled.

HVIA President John Drake is a firm believer in collaboration.

“We know our members have strong views on topics and genuinely want to engage to make our industry stronger,” Mr Drake said.

If you cannot get to a meeting, we welcome thoughts on the issues beforehand via email or phone.

The State Committees will be broadened to other states as the membership grows in these regions.

When are meetings held?

State Committee meetings are advertised in the Event section of this website, in HVIA’s weekly newsletter Talk the Torque and notice is sent directly to registered member contacts.

HVIA State Committee – Qld  Postponed until further notice

HVIA State Committee – WA  Postponed until further notice

HVIA State Committee – NSW  Postponed until further notice

HVIA State Committee – Vic  Postponed until further notice

Get involved

Contact your HVIA membership representative or our Policy team to ensure you are receiving notification and access to agendas, minutes and other key documents.

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