Flashback: Peter Langworthy Future Leader Award

HVIA’s Peter Langworthy Future Leader Award is awarded to a young person who has recently graduated from an apprenticeship and has demonstrated outstanding leadership within their organisation and/or the industry.

These future leaders inspire a culture of achievement and improvement for those around them and are skilled at empowering and collaborating with others to achieve successful outcomes.

This award is consistent with HVIA’s ongoing commitment towards excellence and the advancement of our future industry leaders and is in recognition of Peter’s long-standing commitment to the mentoring of young people and supporting their development to leadership roles.

The 2021 HVIA Peter Langworthy Future Leader Award, sponsored by the Langworthy family, was won by Matthew Longridge of MaxiTRANS.

Nominations for the 2022 HVIA National Awards close Friday 9 September 2022.

Pictured above: Winner of the 2021 Peter Langworthy Future Leader Award Matthew Longridge with HVIA President John Drake

Matthew Longridge, MaxiTRANS – Carole Park

Peter Langworthy Future Leader Award

sponsored by the Langworthy family

Prior to joining MaxiTRANS, Matt worked as a plumber for 7 years and was considering starting his own business. However, before he did that, he decided he needed a change for a year.

Matt went to MaxiTRANS’ manufacturing facility in Ballarat Victoria, initially as a labourer and continued for 6 to 8 months before he was offered a lead role building Maxi-CUBE refrigerated trailers.

He then went into a supervisors role in the same line and also spent 6 months in our warehouse ensuring the seamless supply of parts to the factory floor.

More recently, Matt was offered the opportunity as Production Manager at our newly opened manufacturing facility in Carole Park, Queensland where he has excelled as a leader within our business.

Matt has been pivotal in bringing together a growing and passionate team to produce Australian made bulk tipper brands including Lusty EMS, Hamelex White and AZMEB.

Matt sees himself progressing through the industry into higher roles.

“I have been lucky to have some great mentors at MaxiTRANS such as Trevor Lyons, Brad Givvens, Geoff Dewar and Jason Shankland, and would like to be able to have the same versatility as them,” Matt said.

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