Component Type Approvals changes are a win for industry

8 July 20

After almost 12 month of negotiations lead by HVIA, the Department of Infrastructure recently revised its approach to Component Type Approvals. At an industry consultation meeting on Monday afternoon HVIA and key industry stakeholders praised the Department for responding
positively to industry concerns.


New timeline for RVSA changes

10 June 20

The Department of Infrastructure has just updated its RVS legislation implementation webpage, which includes a new section on our stakeholder commitment and a link to a revised RVS Legislation Program Roadmap calendar.


Testing facility applications now open

6 May 20

The Department of Infrastructure has announced that organisations wishing to register as a testing facility under the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) should be able to submit applications from Wednesday 6 May 2020.


Component Type Approvals papers released

22 April 20

The Department of Infrastructure has released two documents explaining how Component Type Approvals will be managed under the new Road Vehicle Standards Act which will come into force next year.


Next round of RVSA consultation commencing soon

14 April 20

The Department of Infrastructure has announced that it will be releasing some additional Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) guidance material for review within approximately the next week.


Is your evidence good enough?

6 March 19

Members who holds an approval under the the Motor Vehicle Standards Act for Vehicle, a Component (CRN) or a Sub Assembly (SARN) should undertake an audit of the evidence used to obtain the approval.

HVIA’s Greg Forbes says that changes set for implementation in the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) from December this year will ...


The Road Vehicle Standards Act is coming

28 November 18

HVIA National Manager Policy and Government Relations Greg Forbes says that the new Road Vehicle Standards Act legislation is in its final stages in Parliament and is expected to take  effect from late 2019 and be fully in place by late 2020.

In particular, truck manufacturers, trailer manufacturers and component suppliers need to understand the implications ...


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