Proposed Recall Rectification Targets

Responsibility for recalls of motor vehicles was transferred from the Department of Consumer Affairs to the Department of Infrastructure with the introduction of the Road Vehicle Standards Act.

The extension of the recall provisions to heavy vehicles, including trailers and components, has been in place since the commencement of the Road Vehicle Standards Act in 2021.

Now that we are nearing the end of the phase-in period, the Department is proposing benchmarks for recall rectification to provide “suggested timeframes for industry to progress and complete voluntary recalls.”

Percentage of vehicles rectified25%50%75%100%
Priority level: High6 months12 months18 months24 months
Priority level: Medium or Low9 months18 months27 months36 months
Proposed Recall Rectification Benchmarks

According to the Department, these benchmarks have been informed by research on the performance and progression of recalls within an international context and are based on average rectification rates for Australian recalls.

The Department has contacted stakeholders and discussed this issue at the recent RVSA industry webinar (#19 held on 23 February), and the Department has opened the proposed benchmarks to public comment commencing on 1 March and closing on 31 March.

HVIA is supportive of the benchmarks as a means of providing a target for recall completion rates; achieving a 100% rectification rate may not be possible in many cases.

The feedback provided at the industry webinar that the completion of recalls accurate information from State registration systems and cooperation from the public both of which are outside of industry control.

Where recalls are safety critical action by state road authorities to suspend registrations can also assist in completion of rectification.

HVIA is planning to formalise its feedback along these lines but if any member has views on the benchmarks please contact HVIA’s Greg Forbes.

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