Have you got your RVSA implementation plan ready?

All heavy vehicle manufacturers need a plan for the Road Vehicle Standards Act implementation.

HVIA’s National Manager Policy and Government Relations Greg Forbes has repeated his advice to manufacturers of truck, trailers and components.

“HVIA members affected by the legislation should put plans into place to prepare for changeover to the new legislation on 1 July 2021,” Mr Forbes said.

  • Identify the staff who are responsible for loading details of vehicles into the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV).
  • Have procedures in place for creating and loading the RAV record for every vehicle manufactured.
    • This should probably be integrated with the procedures for producing and fitting the identity plate.
    • If a RAV entry has not been loaded the customer will not be able to register the vehicle.
  • Fast track any new Identity Plate Approvals (IPAs) or variations to existing IPAs.
    • This should minimise the impact of any potential delays when the new legislation comes into effect.
  • Review existing IPAs to identify which ones they want to roll over to vehicle type approvals.
    • These need to be rolled over in the first 6 months after the RVSA legislation goes live.
  • Review the Component Registration Numbers (CRNs) and Sub Assembly Registration Numbers (SARNs) they use in their existing IPAs

“HVIA will provide further updates on the RVSA implementation in the next round of State Committee meetings in late February and early March,” Mr Forbes said.

State Committee dates will be confirmed shortly. Members should direct questions on the RVSA implementation to Greg Forbes.

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