New Details Revealed On NSW Axle Mass Limit Increases

HVIA met this week with Transport for New South Wales to get an update on the low- and zero-emissions axle mass increase scheme in that state.

TfNSW revealed that access for a range of heavy vehicle combinations will eventually be provided under a series of Notices, following the release of the approved networks online. The Notices will provide reference vehicles that specify maximum axle loads and axle spacing.

Importantly, HVIA was advised that work is progressing to enable access for a range of heavy vehicle combinations to operate under the Notices with the approved network maps available on the NHVR portal.

Vehicles complying with the mass and dimension limits of the Notice will be able to operate under permit until the Notice is finalised; while vehicles not complying with the limits of the Notice can still apply for a permit and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Encouragingly, TfNSW confirms the access networks will generally match the networks currently allowed for the equivalent ‘as-of-right’ combinations. This means that a B-double with a zero-emission prime mover operating at the increased axle mass limits will have access to a network that closely matches the conventional B-double network.

The access networks will generally match the networks allowed for equivalent ‘as-of-right’ combinations

TfNSW also disclosed that some telematics conditions will apply to vehicles operating at increased axle loads

All low- and zero-emissions heavy vehicle manufacturers and importers should be in touch with TfNSW to understand if their vehicles are captured in the Notices. 

Similarly, industry members that may eventually seek to operate under the Notices are advised to register their interest with TfNSW. 

Transport for New South Wales can be contacted at

* When referring to low- and zero-emission vehicles, HVIA refers to tailpipe emissions, rather than the manufacturing or charging/refuelling process.

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