Updated VTA guide in preparation for RVSA go-live

The Department of Infrastructure has updated the Guide to Vehicle Type Approvals in preparation for the RVSA going live tomorrow.

There are a number of important updates which members should be aware of:

  • On pages 11 and 12 a new section has been added to the document Differences between opt-in and new vehicle type approval application which highlights how Component Type Approvals (CTAs) replace Component Registration Numbers (CRNs) and Sub Assembly Registration Numbers (CRNs) and how opt-in approvals will still continue to link to Road Vehicle Descriptors (RVD) entries and the Road Vehicle Compliance System (RVCS) search functions.
  • At the top of page 28 at the end of the section titled Supporting documents that demonstrate control, there some clarification of the use of ECE approvals.
  • In the table on page 31 under the section discussing the 1958 Agreement there is clarification that uploading of ECE approval data is not required when the approval is shown in the Database for the Exchange of Type Approval Documentation (DETA).
  • In table 4 on page 40 under the section which explains what you need to have in place in situations where you have full control over all stages of the design componentry and manufacturing there is an explanation of the use of IATF 16949 as supporting evidence. This advice also appears at the top of page 41.

This represents formal conformation of a number of the issues raised by HVIA since the April workshops with departmental staff.

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