Is your evidence good enough?

Members who holds an approval under the the Motor Vehicle Standards Act for Vehicle, a Component (CRN) or a Sub Assembly (SARN) should undertake an audit of the evidence used to obtain the approval.

HVIA’s Greg Forbes says that changes set for implementation in the Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) from December this year will radically change the way this evidence is used under the new legislation.

“This could potentially cost members a lot of money if they need to re-do tests,” Mr Forbes said. “HVIA is particularly concerned about members that hold CRNs or SARNs.”

The Department of Infrastructure has confirmed that under the new legislation the only compliance evidence that will be accepted will be evidence supplied by testing facilities approved under the new legislation.

Existing vehicle approval holders can use the opt in procedures to give themselves some time to adjust, but new vehicle models, all components and all sub assemblies will need to be approved under the new act using approved sources of evidence. Even if the evidence is still valid it may not be accepted if it doesn’t meet the rules.

“Members need to do this audit now to ensure they have time to be compliant before the legislation takes effect,” Mr Forbes added.

“If members do not prepare properly they could be caught out when the new legislation takes effect.

“If you don’t have the right approvals you may not be able to sell your product.

“We are hoping to get more detail on how this will work in practice at the next round of consultation meetings later this month.”

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