Road Vehicle Standards Act Draft Determinations

For those of you who attended our recent round of HVIA State Committee meetings, you would be aware that the Department of Infrastructure had previously committed to release a series of draft determinations on issues relevant to the Road Vehicle Standards Act implementation in November, but had missed that deadline.

Late Yesterday afternoon these determinations were released. These determinations cover the following issues:

  1. The Road Vehicle Standards (Information on the Register of Approved Vehicles) Determination 2020
  2. The Road Vehicle Standards (Model Reports) Determination 2020
  3. The Road Vehicle Standards (Model Reports—Compliance with Standards) Determination 2020
  4. The Road Vehicle Standards (Verification of Road Vehicles) Determination 2020
  5. The Road Vehicle Standards (Limit of Acceptable Damage or Corrosion) Determination 2020
  6. The Road Vehicle Standards (Additional Matters Relating to Eligibility for a Road Vehicle to be Entered on the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles Register) Determination 2020

The Draft Determinations and draft Explanatory Statements can be accessed on the RVSA Guidance Material Consultation webpage.

Determination 1 is relevant to vehicle manufacturers but most of the remaining determinations are mainly of interest to people involved in the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle scheme. (Engineers, RAWS workshops and AVVs)

Feedback on the draft determinations is open until 2 February 2021.

HVIA has not had time to do a detailed analysis of the determinations but Determination 1 essentially expands on the RAV requirements in the RVSA Rules to lay out some additional information which must be provided and to specify which elements will be publicly accessible under section 10 of the rules.

HVIA will produce a consolidated summary of the RAV requirements and will also analyse the other Determinations for possible impacts on Members. We will circulate these to members early in the new year.

This will also an item on the agenda for the next round of State Committee meetings which we expect to hold in February 2021.

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