ABN is key to resolving VTA opt-in rejections

Vehicle type approval “opt-in” applications are now being processed more efficiently thanks to the use of applicants’ ABN.

Australian Business Number’s (or their international equivalent) in opt-in application are the same as in existing Identification Plate Approval approvals.

The Department on Infrastructure says opt-in applications that have been rejected because of a name variation issue should be re-submitted.

“If we see a difference in entity names in your opt-in application compared with your previous or current MVSA approval, we may now be able to recognise you as being from the same company or person,” the Department says.

“If you know there is a variation between entity names in your past approval/s and current application, please explain this in the comments field of your opt-in application.”

If you are planning to opt-in to a vehicle type approval, submit your application soon, but by 1 December at the latest.

This will allow enough time for your application to be assessed before the last-minute rush, and for you to be able to re-submit an application if necessary. 

Watch the video below on the opt-in process.

The latest ROVER enhancements offer some new functionality, including complex authority to act, bulk recalls reporting and the ability to apply to vary your approvals.

The Department says they have now resolved most bugs and are working on system performance issues.

If you are experiencing any ROVER issues, especially with organisation names or permissions not carrying across accurately, use the form linked here. 

Submitting VINs to NEVDIS

The process for submitting a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to NEVDIS under the RVSA is the same as it was under the MVSA. It can happen at any time during the vehicle’s manufacture but please allow at least one day for this process to be completed before sending in your vehicle’s RAV submission.

Tips for entering a vehicle on the RAV

Did you know that you can add your own submitters in the RAV production environment using the ROVER portal? Here are some other tips on using the Production and Test RAV environments.

Production RAV

  • When you enter a vehicle on the RAV, please enter the approval holder’s name in the ‘approval holder’ field, as well as in the ‘authorised by’ field – this will usually be an organisation name, NOT an individual’s name.
  • Send your first RAV submission to RAV.submissions@nevdirect.com.au. Please include Organisation ID: RAV00000X Submitter ID: RS000000X in your subject heading. An auto-response email will confirm successful or unsuccessful submission of the data records.
  • Where the record(s) has been rejected, the response will list all rejection reasons. You can find these in the RAV guide.

Test RAV

  • Refer to the RAV guide to find approvals that work in the test RAV environment. For the purpose of doing a test you can use another approval holder’s approval number and corresponding make and model.
  • If you haven’t already been provided with a list of VINs that work on the test RAV, please let the Department know and they will supply them to you. This also applies to SSM as the VINs will need to be included as part of both the first and second stage base vehicle.

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