HVIA To Attend Vehicle Standards Consultative Forum

HVIA Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger (pictured above) will be attending the next Vehicle Standards Consultative Forum (VSCF) in Canberra in March.

In 2023, the Federal Department of Infrastructure created the VSCF, which combined and replaced two separate industry groups, the Technical Liaison Group (TLG) and the Strategic Vehicle Safety and Environment Group (SVSEG).

The first meeting was held in Canberra in September 2023. Attendees included Department of Infrastructure staff, vehicle standards and policy staff from each of Australia’s state road authorities, the NHVR, and representatives from many heavy and light vehicle industry associations.

Actions arising from that meeting led to useful discussions with many of HVIA’s members, particularly around tyre pressure monitoring system regulations, passive and general safety standards, the lack of heavy vehicle testing facilities and proving grounds in Australia, and other regulatory matters.

HVIA also provided extensive input to the group’s Terms of Reference, with the aim of increasing the governance of the group and its activities, and the strategic value of the group to industry.

The next meeting will again be held in Canberra on Thursday, March 14, 2024. Adam Ritzinger, HVIA’s Chief Technical Officer, will attend.

The Department is calling for submissions for the meeting agenda. If you have any issue that you wish to have raised, please email Adam (a.ritzinger@hvia.asn.au) or call him on 0437 901 669.

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