Rover outage next week for implementation of upgrade

The Department of Infrastructure has announced that ROVER will be unavailable from 4 pm AEST Wednesday 13 July to Monday 18 July to allow for the implementation of Release 7.

During this time it will also not be possible to load vehicles onto the RAV but the RAV will be available for searching.

Members should ensure that any vehicles they intend to supply during this week are on the RAV before the shutdown.

Rover release 7 will include a changes which address a number of industry concerns including:

Multifactor authentication: You will need to create a new log in and sign in for ROVER using a password and code texted to your mobile phone. 
Self-manage your access: Change your ROVER contact email address (ROVER sign in address remains the same) and reset your own password.
Withdraw, amend and resubmit applications: Withdraw and delete submitted applications, or withdraw, amend and resubmit it for assessment. 
Editing variants: Edit variants in new vehicle type approval applications and provide details for each variant individually on the road vehicle descriptor (RVD) form.
ROVER notifications about ADRs: Relevant stakeholders (who need to take action) will receive a notification from ROVER to advise of ADR changes affecting their approval.
Application nicknames: Assign a nickname (of your choosing) to your applications, making it easier to identify each application.
ADR extent of compliance table: Sort and search content within the table.
Vary Model Reports: Model Reports can be varied in ROVER.

There are a number of other issues that industry has raised which are still outstanding and which will be delt with in later releases.

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