Component Type Approvals changes are a win for industry

After almost 12 month of negotiations lead by HVIA, the Department of Infrastructure recently revised its approach to Component Type Approvals.

HVIA’s National Manager Policy and Government Relations Greg Forbes joined key stakeholders in praising the Department for responding positively to industry concerns.

“HVIA facilitated a meeting between key component suppliers and the Department at last year’s Brisbane Truck Show to express our concerns,” Mr Forbes said.

“We were alarmed by the potential cost to industry of converting existing CRNs and SARNS across to the component type approvals used under the new Road Vehicle Standards Act.

“The Department had proposed an approach which would have disqualified many test results conducted under the old Motor Vehicle Standards Act.

“That would have resulted in millions of dollars of retesting and substantial delays in getting components registered under the new scheme.

“HVIA has worked hard on building the relationship with the Department and to their credit they have listened to industry’s concerns.

“It has taken a year, but we have managed to land on an approach which the key suppliers agree should be workable.”

HVIA will continue to work closely with the Department and members to sort out some of the details on Component Type Approvals and the other elements of the RVSA.

“We are also encouraging relevant members to assist the Department in testing their new software system, ROVER, which will support the new legislation,” Mr Forbes added.

Suppliers of Components are encouraged to read the guide to component type approvals and the Departments position on test reports linked below.

The Department is hoping to be able to start receiving applications for Component type approvals in late September 2020.

Contact Greg Forbes at or 0437923755 if you have any questions or comments.

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