Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Mandate Proposed

Department of Infrastructure and Transport sees mandate as an opportunity to improve safety, efficiency, and environmental outcomes in the heavy vehicle sector

The Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport has raised the prospect of mandating tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

The proposal was tabled at the September meeting of the Vehicle Standards Consultative Committee (VSCC) in Canberra.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems are in-vehicle units that alert the driver to a change in tyre pressure. Simple systems detect changes in pressure for any one tyre and send an alert after a threshold pressure reduction is reached.

More sophisticated systems can monitor tyre pressures and internal tyre temperatures, and issue specific warnings to the driver.

Currently, the Federal Government does not set any technical requirements for TPMS and does not mandate their fitment to any vehicles.

Mandating TPMS is considered to represent an opportunity to improve safety, efficiency, and environmental outcomes.

Over the past month, HVIA has engaged directly with specific members working in this space, which has involved circulating the Department’s TPMS consultation paper, and collating feedback.

Now, HVIA would also like to give all members the opportunity to have their say. Contact Adam Ritzinger at a.ritzinger@hvia.asn.au to pass on your feedback.

The Department’s consultation paper is available here.

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