Pieces falling into place for RVSA implementation

HVIA’s review of the latest releases in the Road Vehicles Standards Act (RVSA) shows that the transition is coming together, however there are still critical procedural areas yet to be unveiled.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (DIT) has released additional information in relation to vehicle type approvals, opt-in arrangements and authorised vehicle verifiers.

HVIA’s National Manager Policy and Government Relations Manager, Greg Forbes said that the department has promised more detailed guides imminently.

“We are beginning to see important information concerning opt-in arrangements, that will be critical to ensuring continuity of supply once the new legislation commences on 1 July 2021,” Mr Forbes said.

“However, the information provided, and the systems the Department is producing are still not complete.

“Vehicle type approvals still have a way to go with a significant number of issues identified in the Private Beta Test.

“The Department has been meeting with participants in the test and industry bodies to resolve the issues.”

Mr Forbes said DIT has undertaken to progressively close the remaining issues and has committed to having a workable system at go live.

“The Department has indicated that there will still be some residual issues but has also indicated that it will keep improving the system after going live,” he said.

HVIA has asked for industry updates on the state of readiness of the Vehicle Type Approval system.

In relation to opt-in, Mr Forbes recommends that all vehicle manufacturers read the guide [PDF] which provides some additional information.

“We still need to see the detail of the forms, required declarations, and detailed statement of the approval holders obligations to understand precisely what information is required for each model to be rolled over,” Mr Forbes added.

I would also like to see an opportunity to test the opt-in system prior to go live.” Mr Forbes said.

“With respect to the AVV scheme the Department has provided more information on how the scheme will work and potential AVV scheme members are encouraged to read the operating guide [PDF].

“There are still some further details required in relation to forms, inspection requirements, and the conflict-of-interest provisions which we are hoping will be addressed in the more detailed guide.”

The latest information on the RVSA implementation will be a key topic in the next round of State Committee meetings commencing on Thursday 4 March, in Brisbane.

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