Time to get serious about the RVSA implementation

HVIA has urged members to sort out their plans for the implementation of the Road Vehicle Standards Act.

National Manager Policy and Government Relations Greg Forbes said the Department of Infrastructure has confirmed that it is planning to push ahead on the implementation of the Road Vehicle Standards Act on 1 July 2021.

“There is a lot of work that still needs to be done to make that happen,” Mr Forbes said.

“In particular, I think that it is time for Vehicle and Trailer manufacturers to get serious about their planning for the implementation of the new Legislation.

“HVIA is working with members and the Department on sorting out the residual with the Component Type Approval (CTA) module within the new ROVER system.

“The Department has been active solving some of the initial bugs found when the system went live in September. But we need to make sure all of the component suppliers have their component type approvals in place in time for 1 July.

“Now that we are sorting out the CTA issues, I think it is time for vehicle and trailer manufacturers to start making their plans for the transition.

“The Department is currently working on the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) parts of the Rover system and will begin testing of the VTA sections of ROVER early in the New Year.

“They will also be testing the systems for loading vehicles onto the RAV at the same time.

“Vehicle and trailer manufacturers need to work out which models they plan to “roll over” to the new scheme and also need to understand the requirements for the RAV system.

“Existing models with Identity Plate Approvals (IPAs) under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MVSA) will only be allowed to be produced for 12 months after the Act goes live unless they are “rolled over” to the new system prior to the end of next year.”

I expect that the roll over process for existing IPAs should be relative straight forward but manufacturers may face problems where they are thinking about new models or variations that are coming out around the middle of next year.

Manufacturers should think about fast tracking the approvals for new models that are likely to come out in the middle of next year to avoid getting caught up in any teething problems with the ROVER VTA module when it goes live.

I would also urge manufacturers to understand the requirements for entering vehicle details into the RAV and make sure they are ready for when the RAV goes live. If they don’t enter vehicles on the RAV they will not be able to register them.

HVIA will be providing some updates on the RVSA implementation as part of the State Committee meetings and I would urge members with questions to attend the meetings in Brisbane and Perth or sign in for the online version

Attend the State Committee Meetings to find out how!

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