HVIA Calls For Feedback On State Committee Meetings

Survey seeks member feedback to improve the value and impact of future state committee meetings

HVIA is surveying members to better understand preferences and availability for its state committee meetings.

The survey should take no more than five minutes to complete. It is intended for all members, regardless of prior attendance at any HVIA meeting.

HVIA’s state committee meetings are an opportunity for all members to network, learn, and contribute to the organisation’s activities.

Participation in this survey will improve the value and impact of these meetings in the future.

HVIA currently runs quarterly in-person only meetings in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, and Western Australia. They are held from 9am-12noon and include a networking morning tea.

The content focuses on policy, regulatory, and technical updates, with a broader HVIA update, and includes an external speaker (eg regulator or state/federal government representative). Attendance is open to all persons from HVIA member organisations.

Members can access the survey here. Please answer the questions by selecting the appropriate option and/or commenting. We thank you for your time and cooperation.

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