Government Advocacy Report – August 2021

Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) Implementation

The RVSA went live on 1 July 2021. This session will focus on providing an overview of the updated guidance material provided by the Department in relation to the RVSA. It will provide an opportunity for members to raise any concerns they are having with the roll out and the ROVER application so that HVIA can focus on addressing these problems in its interactions with the Department.

The latest version of the RVSA’s Rules is now available on the Department website.

HVIA will provide an overview of the latest updates at the State Committee Meeting.

PBS Update

Following the Ministers’ meeting in late May NHVR is preparing for the implementation of the PBS tyres changes. HVIA will provide an update on the latest developments at the State Committee Meeting. The NHVR recently provided an announcement in relation to implementing a generic tyre approach, which HVIA has advocated since commencing the technical discussion at Comvec 2018. HVIAs response to the announcement can be found here.

Safer Vehicles Paper Update

Comments on the Safer Vehicles paper which considered potential changes to ADR’s, related to vehicle width, axle configuration changes and indirect vision devices, closed on 30 June and can be viewed in HVIA’s submission. Not surprisingly the proposed axle changes and direct vision changes received widespread support, but the width issues were more controversial.

As a result, the Department has decided to pursue the proposed axle changes and direct vision changes through amendments to the relevant ADR’s but is taking more time to decide how to proceed on the width change proposal. Details of the proposed changes were discussed at the Technical Liaison Group (TLG) meeting held in late July and will be covered in the technical update.

When are the meetings?

State Committee meetings are advertised in the Event section of this website, in HVIA’s weekly newsletter Talk the Torque and notice is sent directly to registered member contacts.

The next round of State Committee meetings will be held during August 2021. Due to current lockdowns the NSW and VIC meetings will be combined and held online.

Get involved

Contact your HVIA membership representative or our Policy team to ensure you are receiving notification and access to agendas, minutes and other key documents.

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