Webinar: the NHVR’s Class 3 truck and dog notice

Register now: Webinar: 22 November 10-12 AM AEST, 11-1pm AEDT

What can and can’t be done under the existing Class 3 truck and dog notice?

This webinar will facilitate HVIA members to engage with the NHVR and seek clarity on the existing Class 3 truck and dog notice. 

Download the agenda [PDF]

If you have questions on how the new notice works in practice, come along:

On the 28th of September NHVR released the new class 3 truck and dog notice which enabled 20m long 3-axle truck and 4-axle dog trailers to gain mass and dimension exemptions.

This notice was the first of a series of notices the NHVR is planning to allow proven PBS designs to be used without needing to go through the PBS approval process.

The NHVR is also keen for suggestions from industry on how to refine the notice to make it simpler and easier to understand and implement. This will also assist the NHVR in preparing future notices

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