HVIA State Committee report

After a forced hiatus during much of 2020, HVIA’s State Committee meetings were held in Brisbane and Perth over the last week. If you missed those there is still an online meeting Thursday 3rd December.

State Committee – Brisbane – 26th November

The first COVID-safe State Committee meeting was held at HVIA’s Brisbane HQ last Thursday.

HVIA Technical Officer Paul Caus said it was a good feeling to be back in a real meeting, interacting with members,

“While we are certainly making more use of web conferencing, a physical meeting where larger number are involved still can’t be beaten,” Paul said.

Updates on the progress on several major items were covered: current status of the Brisbane Truck Show, the RVSA, the review of the HVNL, PBS Tyres and HVIA’s submission to the Productivity Commission.

On more technical items of interest to the group , our Paul outlined work being carried on the review of ADR 13 (Vehicle lighting), ADR 63 (Road trains) and the start of a review of the automatic coupling and 5th wheel Australian Standards.

NHVR work program items were also covered, with the recent announcement that the NHVR intends reviewing the HVIM during 2021, analysis work on reviewing the 1:1 mass ration on tag trailers, soon to be issued VSG on vehicle width where a crane is mounted to a truck, and progress on the tipper code.

State Committee – Perth – 1st December

The HVIA State Committee meeting in Perth was kicked off by New Board Member Roy Lombardi and was attended by sixteen members.

One of the key issues discussed in the Advocacy section was the steps members need to take to make sure they are ready for the Road vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) which will commence in July 2021.

This prompted some useful discussions with Members. There was also some discussion around ADR and Australian standards changes in the technical session.

HVIA provided a short demonstration of the HV101 training package and John Marcolina gave a presentation on the Department of Infrastructure’s Authorised Vehicle Verifiers Scheme and how it would work in practice.

If you would like to discuss an of the details please contact HVIA;s national Policy & Government Relations Manager Greg Forbes g.forbes@hvia.asn.au

Attend the online State Committee meeting

Members who are interested in these issues and were unable to attend the Queensland or WA meetings should make sure they tune in to the online session on Thursday 3rd December 2020 @ 9.00am (Melbourne time)

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