HVIA and NHVR techsperts tackling policy challenges

Newly-minted Chief Technical Officer, Adam Ritzinger, and Manager of Member Engagement, Harrison Hunkin are on the case for HVIA members.

Adam and “H” have wasted no time in getting to the heart of a range of technical policy issues that will affect members in the coming months.

After listening to members at this week’s Queensland State Committee meeting, they headed straight to NHVR HQ to meet with key Brisbane staff.

NHVR Chief Engineer, Les Bruzsa, Assistant Chief Engineer Josh Diyn, PBS Review Project Manager, Scott Britton, and PBS Engineer Gary Aguiar were all on board for a constructive pow-wow.

Josh is a recent appointment to the NHVR, and Gary has been recently promoted from a technical advisory role.

The agenda:

• Stakeholder responses to PBS 2.0, and NHVR timeline for the next steps
• Implementation of the proposed changes to the PBS Directional Stability Under Braking Standard
• Use of low rolling resistance tyres in PBS vehicles
• Proposals for a new performance-based Pavement Horizontal Loading Standard
• Industry-preferred vehicle envelopes for high-productivity freight vehicles such as A-doubles

HVIA will continue to work closely with the NHVR to progress these matters.

Members are invited to reach out to the HVIA team to express an interest in any issue to ensure you are included in relevant consultation meetings. Of course keep an eye out for updates via the HVIA’s weekly e-newsletter Talk the Torque.

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