Strapped in for TA22 Load restraint forum

11 May 22

Load restraint is the core safety issue at the centre of every trucking business, yet it is still tarred by controversy and frustration. HVIA facilitated a Load Restraint Masterclass at last week’s Trucking Australia ’22 conference, and the well-attended session prompted strong engagement from a passionate audience of industry leaders.


New Tool Box Talks – Bringing safety conversations to life

6 May 22

The National Road Safety Partnership Program’s (NRSPP) collaborative Heavy Vehicle Toolbox Talk (HVTBT) project has developed a range of TBTs to help organisations deliver engaging safety messages on topics relevant to heavy vehicle drivers’ daily tasks. HVIA is proud to have partnered with NRSPP on its industry project working group.


Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program

23 February 22

The Government's Skills and Training Incentive provides co-funding for training to help mature age Australians to update their skills and remain in the workforce longer.


HV101 online training Christmas special

24 November 21

Since its launch late last year the new HVIA Training online induction course “HV101” has been a hit.


A pipeline of skilled, smart tradies

29 September 21

A flexible system and a refreshing focus on industry gives HVIA hope that there will be a pipeline of highly educated and enthusiastic tradespeople for many years to come.


Electromobility – a new set of skills challenges

22 September 21

Before the roll-out of zero emissions trucks can happen in earnest, there are a range of significant common challenges that will require a coordinated and strategic approach to resolve.


HVIA interactive online training endorsed to improve heavy vehicle safety

9 September 21

HVIA's “Safety Through Education” project will receive key funding through the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Federal Government.


An online Associate Degree in Engineering with zero course fees

2 August 21

A partnership between the Australian Government and UniSA gives small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to enrol their employees into their 100% online Associate Degree in Engineering with zero course fees.


BTS21 special for HV101 online training

7 April 21

Since its launch late last year the new HVIA Training online induction course “HV101” has been a hit, and is temporarily available at a heavily discounted rate during the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show special.


New-starter induction course ticks over 300 registrations

18 November 20

We have been pleasantly overwhelmed by the positive response to the launch of HVIA’s online Learning Management System (LMS). HVIA’s new induction course Heavy Vehicles 101 (HV101) has ticked over 300 registrations in its first fortnight!


Heavy Vehicles 101 – the new induction course for new starters

30 October 20

HVIA’s online Learning Management System (LMS) is now live with a comprehensive new training package for entrants to the industry, staff in back-of-house or non-technical roles, and industry stakeholder organisations.


New training and certification platform to help fast-track business back to the workplace

5 June 20

HVIA has welcomed Australian company Soul Safe™ as its exclusive Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) training and certification partner.


Soul Safe Courses & Certification Regime

5 June 20

The first of two Soul Safe courses provide all staff of a business a free 60-minute micro-credential certificate in the basics of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) covering what precautions and processes staff should do from the moment they wake up, to when they return home from work.


TAFE Queensland’s free isolearn micro-credentials

29 April 20

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TAFE Queensland, in conjunction with the Queensland Government, is offering a range of free education and training to support individuals, and small, medium and large businesses.


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