HV101 is (still) a must for new-starters

Since its launch, the HVIA Training online induction course “HV101” has been a hit.

The course has proven itself to provide practical, dynamic, interactive online learning – ideal for new entrants to the industry.

Our training programs put new starters on a path towards achieving their full potential in their careers, their workplace, and in the heavy vehicle industry.

You have the option to enrol as an individual, or if you are looking after a team you can purchase multiple enrolments at a discounted rate.

“This is a great way to introduce someone who is new to the industry”

– Caitlin (Barker Trailers)

A career in the heavy vehicle industry is about far more than just your singular skillset – it is how your contribution fits into the big picture.

Your role is a vital cog in the machinery that allows the trucking industry to keep Australia moving.

Through a practical focus and flexible online study, you can elevate your knowledge and take your role to the next level.

Special offer

Right now, there is a special offer as we celebrate the forthcoming launch of HVIA’s two new online courses, Load Restraint Fundamentals and Best Practice Tyre Management.

The courses can all be found on the HVIA Training website, with each course reduced from $99.00 to just $29.00 per person until New Year 2024.

To claim the discount, use the code “HVSI” at the checkout.

A few testimonials from recent students:

  • Easy to navigate and informative – John
  • Very informative and relevant – Skye
  • Excellent overview – Sue
  • So much to learn – Louis
  • A valuable resource – Alison
  • Very informative and easy to follow – David
  • Super helpful – Molly
  • A great starter course – Brett
  • Excellent course – Matthew
  • I would recommend all my employees to take the course – David
  • Great course! A lot to learn from it – Blake
  • This is a great course that will provide you with the fundamentals and terminology on the Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry – Shaun
  • I recommend this course to all heavy vehicle transport businesses – Glenn
  • This is a great way to introduce someone who is new to the industry – Caitlin
  • It gets to the point then moves on – Jessica
  • Absolutely recommend – particularly for someone from outside the industry – Stephen
  • This course is great for people who are new to the heavy vehicle industry – Kim
  • Easy to follow understanding of how things operate – Michael
  • Definitely recommend this to any starters in the transport industry – Wendy
  • Really good course for anyone that has just joined the transport industry – Kelvin
  • A great course to understand the basics of the trucking industry – Khagendra
  • Very relevant information for people new to the industry – Carmal
  • I would recommend for anyone in the industry, new or old – Jamie
  • I would recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a more in-depth understanding into the trucking world – Alisha
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