HVIA + Healthy Heads Formalise Cooperative Arrangement

Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds and HVIA have formalised their cooperative arrangement to extend the services and benefits to their respective memberships and stakeholders.

The executed partnership will see the two organisations continue to work together following their successful partnership at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.

Importantly for HVIA members, the partnership provides access to an array of specialised mental health resources, which have been tailored for the heavy vehicle and logistics industries.

Healthy Heads has hit the ground running and is doing incredible work to create awareness, promote practical tips for the workplace, and publishing supportive, tailored materials for the industry,” HVIA CEO Todd Hacking says.

HVIA CEO Todd Hacking says Healthy Heads is doing incredible work to create awareness and promote practical tips to address mental health in workplaces in the transport industry

“We know mental health is a challenge for every workplace and by formalising our partnership, we hope to be able to increase the accessibility for these valuable tools for HVIA members.

“One of our first opportunities to showcase the partnership will be to shine a light on mental health during TruckShowX, which coincides with R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds Day on Tuesday 14 May 2024.”

Healthy Heads CEO Naomi Frauenfelder echoes these sentiments.

“HVIA gave Healthy Heads our first official charity partnership at Brisbane Truck Show 2023. This provided an incredible opportunity for the Foundation to reach a great number of individuals and businesses in the sector,” she says.

Healthy Heads CEO Naomi Frauenfelder (fourth from left) says the partnership with HVIA can generate more awareness and action on mental health issues in the transport industry

“This partnership formalises an existing and very important relationship, and we thank HVIA members and the board for their support.

“Through the partnership we can generate more awareness and further promote the practical tips to ensure every HVIA work site has resources and the skills to intervene and assist a friend, colleague, or peer.

“With the transport, postal and warehousing sector ranked 19 out of 19 for workplace mental health, we need all parts of industry to band together to address the challenges. We thank HVIA for their leadership and foresight in working with and supporting Healthy Heads.”

In the coming weeks, HVIA will create a dedicated page on the website to act as a portal for these resources.

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