HVIA Calls For ZEV Case Studies for Inaugural TruckShowX

HVIA is seeking expressions of interest from members keen to present at the inaugural TruckShowX 2024 zero-emissions trucking event to be held May 13-15, 2024 at Cape Schanck in Victoria

TruckShowX is set to be the biggest trucking industry decarbonisation event held to date in Australia.

HVIA is now seeking expressions of interest from members to speak and present in the technical conference program.

The program itself will span two days, and its focus will be a series of detailed sessions that unpack real-world Australian zero-emission vehicle case studies.

The intent is that each session will feature the key people who made the project possible, who will share their challenges and solutions to them.

For example: A local fleet has trialled a low/zero emissions vehicle. To do that, they partnered with the vehicle OEM, an energy/infrastructure provider, and worked with local/state government, and received grant funding. Each party offered expertise in solving the challenges that were presented along the way.

Possible speakers for that case study include:

  • The fleet manager
  • A technical person from the truck/trailer OEM
  • The person who designed/commissioned the charging/fuelling infrastructure
  • A driver of the vehicle
  • A government representative who permitted the access or otherwise supported the initiative
  • The funding provider (eg grant funding or bank finance).

You do not need to have a full list of speakers ready to go in order to suggest a case study for the conference. But you should be able to explain it in enough detail for HVIA to decide if it is a good fit.

We are seeking case studies covering a broad range of applications – urban, regional, rural/primary industries, customer/retail delivery, service industry, battery electric, hydrogen, renewable diesel, etc.

What’s more, HVIA is also seeking expressions of interest for speakers in sessions on workforce, covering equipment and skills, and regulatory/policy barriers.

Please complete this EOI form to register your interest, and HVIA will be in touch.

If you have any questions, please contact Adam Ritzinger at a.ritzinger@hvia.asn.au or 0437 901 669.

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