White Paper Outlines Measures To Build Future Workforce

27 September 23

An employment white paper released this week by Federal Treasury details ambitious measures to build Australia’s future workforce, including those required to enable the transport industry’s transition to net-zero.


Key Appointment Boosts HVIA’s Advocacy Firepower

13 September 23

HVIA announces new addition to the team with Dr Adele Lausberg joining as Chief Advocacy Officer


Member input sought on electric vehicle training needs

7 September 23

HVIA is inviting interested members to assist in identifying the training needs for workshop/technical staff diagnosing and repairing heavy vehicles with battery-electric systems


HVIA CEO appointed to key workforce advisory panel

6 September 23

HVIA CEO Todd Hacking has been appointed to the Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance’s Automotive Strategic Workforce Advisory Panel


HVIA joins call to establish local renewable diesel industry

23 August 23

HVIA has joined with leading cross-sector organisations in an appeal to the Australian Government for support in enabling an on-shore renewable diesel refining industry.


Does your business have a pathway to Net Zero?

9 August 23

Mandatory reporting is coming for large business to report on net emissions both up and down stream over the next five years, an HVIA event in Sydney was told last week.


Reflections on the Brisbane Truck Show 2023

24 May 23

Government clearly needs to step up and ensure that there is a clear road map for how the energy and the energy infrastructure necessary to support the transport sector will be provided at a reasonable cost.


Australia needs a National Zero Emission Truck Strategy

4 May 23

The freight and transport industry has called on the Australian Government to develop and implement a Zero Emission Truck Strategy. HVIAA has joined forces with the ATA, the Electric Vehicle Council and the Australian Hydrogen Council to advocate for government direction and support that goes beyond the government’s first National Electric Vehicle Strategy launched last week


Urgent regulatory changes needed to support zero-emissions heavy vehicles

19 April 23

The heavy vehicle industry’s position on the regulatory changes needed to support next generation Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEVs) is clear but needs urgent action by the Government and its policy and regulatory agencies.


ADR now in place for Euro VI and some EV’s

21 February 23

ADR 80/04 adopting Euro VI and equivalent standards for heavy vehicles has now been signed and can now be accessed on the Federal Register of Legislation. 


Queensland announces trials for heavy-duty BEV

15 February 23

Queensland's Palaszczuk Government is backing Volvo trials of two heavy battery-powered trucks 3-axle prime movers, operating at a gross weight of 44,000 kg.


Swedish Royalty and the EV revolution

15 February 23

Australian and Swedish experts shared views on best practices to fully leverage electrification on the path to net-zero at a special forum hosted by the Australian National University this week.


New ADR’s proposed for BEV and FCEV

1 February 23

Proposed new ADR's cover electric power train safety requirements and safety related performance for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


ARENA grant to co-fund Australia’s largest EV truck fleet

7 December 22

One of Australia’s busiest logistics providers is set to embark on Australia’s largest heavy vehicle electrification project at its western Sydney depot.


TAFE EV workshop showcases readiness for technology transition

9 November 22

TAFE Queensland demonstrated just how advanced they are in preparing the training arena for the transition to electromobility at their Acacia Ridge Training Centre last week.


Industry comes together to declare EV future

31 October 22

HVIA has joined with over one hundred organisations to declare our support for the Australian Government to push ahead with the National Electric Vehicle Strategy.


Albanese’s first budget highlights trouble ahead

26 October 22

The Albanese Government’s first budget, handed down by Treasurer the Hon Jim Chalmers MP in Canberra last night, forecasts skyrocketing energy prices and ongoing inflationary pressures.


HVIA on Government’s National Electric Vehicle Strategy

26 October 22

The draft National Electric Vehicle Strategy represents a positive step for the Albanese Government, but requires a lot more detail to succeed in its implementation according to HVIA.


EnergyAustralia outlines plans to support heavy vehicle electrification 

25 October 22

HVIA partner EnergyAustralia has outlined plans to support heavy vehicle electrification by working with heavy vehicle and bus operators to plan and build the infrastructure to charge their fleet. 


Assist Minister talks to HVIA member execs on EV future

25 October 22

The Government is prioritising a strong working relationship with industry, Senator the Hon Anthony Chisholm, Assistant Minister for Regional Development, told attendees at the HVIA Executive Club Event held at Energy Australia’s headquarters in Melbourne last week.


Ebusco Australia and EnergyAustralia join forces

19 October 22

Energy retailer and generator, EnergyAustralia, and European electric bus manufacturer, Ebusco, have teamed up to accelerate Australia’s electric bus revolution.


Albanese Government confirms new emissions standards for trucks and buses

13 October 22

HVIA has congratulated the Albanese Government on today’s announcement confirming the introduction of ADR80/04 – the Australian standard that brings our emissions standards in line with Euro 6. 


The long overdue next step to keep pace with world emissions standards

11 October 22

Believe it or not we live in a first world country, not just a distant colonial outpost. Why then has it taken an additional eight years for our engine emissions regulations to catch up with Europe?


Grattan Truck Report misses the easy wins and ignores key obstacles

31 August 22

The Grattan Institute’s new “Grattan Truck Plan”has made headlines this week with its controversial calls for city-wide bans on pre-2003 diesel engines, but misses out on easier opportunities to lower heavy vehicle emissions.


EnergyAustralia & SEA Electric Form Strategic Partnership for EV Transition

3 August 22

New HVIA Suporting Partner EnergyAustralia has joined forces with commercial HVIA member SEA Electric in a strategic partnership, which will assist in accelerating the transition to clean energy for the nation’s truck fleets.


HVIA LITE Skills & Training Working Group

27 July 22

HVIA members and training stakeholders attended the second HVIA LITE Skills and Training Working Group meeting last week to progress action on zero emission vehicle skills and training priorities.


IVECO outlines zero-emission pathway

20 July 22

IVECO has used an event organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce last month to outline its zero-emission vehicle plans to dignitaries.


HVIA-LITE Skills & Training Working Group

8 June 22

The HVIA-LITE skills and training working group kicked off yesterday with a combination of HVIA members and representatives from registered training organisations looking to determine skills and training priorities to prepare the industry’s readiness to work with electric heavy vehicles.


HVIA-LITE: Collaborating to understand EV duty cycles

11 May 22

HVIA’s LITE Project steering committee met with the Queensland Transport and Logistics Council (QTLC) and the authors of their report “Addressing barriers to zero emissions trucks in Queensland to 2025,” to discuss its recommendations for stakeholders from the heavy vehicle industry; in particular the need to understand the duty cycles of heavy vehicles as a key to identifying the applications where zero emission heavy vehicles (ZEHV) can be successfully deployed.


HVIA-LITE looking at industry EV training needs

6 April 22

In the early stages of the rollout of electric heavy vehicles in Australia, truck manufacturers have been working closely with specific local companies on the fitment of aftermarket bodies, tail lifts and other equipment, however it won’t be a niche market for long.


Hydrogen superhighway to link eastern states

25 March 22

Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria have announced a landmark tri-state collaboration on a renewable hydrogen refuelling network for heavy transport and logistics along Australia’s eastern seaboard. 


Our pathway to electromobility

23 March 22

The HVIA-LITE project driving committee is working to identify and resolve a wide array of issues including standards, legislative and access requirements, workplace and operational safety, repairs and maintenance, technical and emergency support, skills and training, energy supply and more.


Australia-Germany hydrogen innovation project funding initiative 

11 March 22

The first project funding round, from an Australian partnership with Germany, provides industry with an exciting opportunity to work with a country leading the world in renewable hydrogen technologies.


New ARENA funding for commercial fleets

21 February 22

The newly expanded $250 million Future Fuels Fund to support support the uptake of low and zero emissions commercial vehicles over the next four years.


Australia Post welcomes first electric trucks to its delivery fleet

1 December 21

st has welcomed the first of 20 electric trucks to its national delivery fleet, with three Fuso eCanters now delivering parcels to customers in Melbourne ahead of Christmas.


CEFC hydrogen investment fuels world’s heaviest fuel cell electric trucks

10 November 21

landmark investment by Australia's Clean Energy Finance Corporation will help develop a local hydrogen economy while driving down emissions in the transport sector.


HVIA welcomes Government investment in Future Fuels infrastructure

9 November 21

HVIA has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of increased funding for infrastructure to support the rollout of battery and fuel cell electric vehicles.


Driving down emissions in heavy transport with renewable hydrogen

8 November 21

Heavy vehicles powered by renewable hydrogen will be used in a first-of-a-kind deployment in Townsville, helping to reduce emissions in the transport and mining sectors.


How the Government’s statement at COP26 affects you

3 November 21

The Australian Government's 2021 Low Emissions Technology Statement goes some way to addressing the chicken and egg dilemma:

How will there be an adequate demand for the new technology if the energy supply and infrastructure isn't in place? And who will invest in the infrastructure if there isn't a market to support it?


Electromobility – a new set of skills challenges

22 September 21

Before the roll-out of zero emissions trucks can happen in earnest, there are a range of significant common challenges that will require a coordinated and strategic approach to resolve.


Time to unveil the future of fuels

31 March 21

The Australian Government has committed to support low emission technologies across the innovation chain, and the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show is the place to see where that is taking us.


The Government’s new Future Fuels Strategy should be more courageous

10 February 21

The Government released a discussion paper of its Future Fuels Strategy. Feedback on the discussion paper will be used to shape the final strategy.


Heavy vehicle industry welcomes Government commitment to future fuels

21 September 20

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) has praised the Australian Government’s funding commitment for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced on Friday.


BP Energy Outlook trumped by inspired vision

16 September 20

BP’s annual Energy Outlook has played poor cousin to BP’s announcement of a new and rapid commitment to a clean energy future.


PM’s Pledge for Affordable Electricity Supply

15 September 20

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Government will back a new gas power plant in the Hunter Valley if the energy sector doesn’t replace Liddell power station’s capacity before it closes down in 2023.


Sea Electric powering Ikea’s last mile ambitions

11 December 19

All Purpose Transport have launched Queensland's first electric truck, ready to help Ikea cope with its Christmas and New Year rush.
Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads the Hon Mark Bailey MP praised the collaborative leadership in innovative clean energy technology.


The future is unfolding – right under your feet

31 July 19

Advances in electric trucks were a major highlight of the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. Not only were there a range of fully electric and hybrid trucks on display, one of the most exciting developments came from key component suppliers. This new short video that highlights that story.


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