Dear Santa: HVIA wishlist for 2021

Dear Santa

2020 has been a tough year and we hope the heavy vehicle industry has earned a spot on your ‘nice’ list?

When we were needed the most, the Australian heavy vehicle industry embraced the challenges and kept freight moving safely and reliably.

This was essential so that critical medical equipment was available, supermarket shelves full, and medicines stocked.

As a reward, we have penned a present list that we hope you will consider. (Not to be pushy, but we really would appreciate these as soon as practicable.)

  1. Fast-track ADR reform to ensure industry innovation, safety and technological advancement is able to be implemented in the fleet.
  2. Commence the PBS 2.0 project forthwith so that the approval delays can end and the system enhanced to ensure it remains world-leading.
  3. The smooth implementation of the Road Vehicle Standards Act on 1 July 2021 with the promised reduction in regulatory burden achieved.
  4. Increased maximum front axle capacity.
  5. An education / skills system which encourages children who want a trade to get one without barriers or stigma.
  6. Cheaper gas / electricity through increasing local supply so that manufacturers are no longer disadvantaged.
  7. Increase the uptake of vehicle safety features through Government incentives:
    1. on infrastructure projects,
    2. so purchasers of transport services provide incentives in the tenders they issue, and
    3. fleet managers commit to improving the safety of their fleets.

We hope you can help us with these commonsense reforms. Stay safe on Christmas Eve as you traverse the globe.

Lots of love

P.S. We know you love your sleigh and look after it very well. If you’d like to fit the latest safety features like stability control, we would be happy to help. Maybe even consider the benefits of a higher-productivity sleigh? We know a thing or two about these things here, down-under.  

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