Hyzon Unveils 200KW Fuel Cell System In Prime Mover

Hyzon, a US-based hydrogen fuel cell technology developer and global supplier of zero-emission heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), today launched its single stack 200kW fuel cell system and powertrain in a heavy-duty prime mover at a ceremony in Melbourne.

The vehicle – Hyzon’s 200kW prime mover – was officially unveiled at the Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE).

Hyzon has integrated its fuel cell technology and 200kW FCEV powertrain into a cabover vehicle designed to meet the operational demands of heavy-duty road transport. The company expects to deploy 200kW cabovers in Europe and 200kW conventional vehicles in the US later this year.

“This is Hyzon at its best,” Hyzon Chief Executive Officer Parker Meeks says. “The Hyzon 200kW prime mover provides our customers with a powerful, zero-emission option for their fleets, showcasing our expertise in crafting state-of-the-art FCEVs.”

According to Meeks, the single stack 200kW fuel cell system also may allow Hyzon to bring the same technology to industrial ecosystems beyond trucking, including mining, rail, marine, stationary power generation, and airport ecosystems.

“Hyzon is harnessing the power of hydrogen to deliver zero-emission energy where it is needed most,” he adds.

The single stack 200kW fuel cell system was manufactured at Hyzon’s US production facility in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

This system, which is expected to reach start of production in the second half of 2024, generates 200kW of power output from a single fuel cell stack.

Reaching 200kW fuel cell power typically requires two smaller units, but Hyzon has engineered a single stack 200kW fuel cell system that is 30 per cent lower in weight and volume and estimated to be 25 per cent lower in total fuel cell system cost compared to two of its 110kW fuel cell systems combined.

By integrating high-power, compact fuel cell systems into familiar vehicle builds, Hyzon plans to offer a zero-emission option to fleets that can match the operational expectations of a diesel truck.

Hyzon Managing Director for Australia, John Edgley, says the prime mover was designed and assembled locally, which is a testament to the skills and capabilities of the company’s local workforce.

“We are assembling zero-emission heavy vehicles right here in Melbourne, Australia, using local skills and employing local people,” he says.

“Hyzon established Australia’s first purpose-built assembly plant in Melbourne’s south-east in 2021 to capitalise on the wealth of homegrown industry skills left behind when several global automotive businesses shut down their regional operations.

“We have grown our team to more than 50 local employees, including engineers, fabricators, welders, and designers to put this new 200kW vehicle on the road.”

Hyzon’s 200kW prime movers are expected to operate on Australian and New Zealand roads later in 2024.

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