Team Global Express Unveils ‘The Depot of the Future’

HVIA member Team Global Express today officially unveiled Australia’s largest logistics electric vehicle fleet trial, following the arrival of brand-new electric trucks at its depot in Bungarribee, NSW.

To date, 43 out of the 60 ordered trucks have arrived at the depot which will roll out across the streets of Western Sydney. The company will receive 36 Volvo eFLs and 24 Daimler Fuso eCanters in total to facilitate the five-year trial.

The ground-breaking trial, in partnership with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), will see Team Global Express replace a third of its Western Sydney fleet with a total of 60 electric trucks to deliver parcels to customers around the metropolitan Sydney area.

Over the past 12 months, the company has transformed its Bungarribee facility into ‘The Depot of the Future’ to house the vital infrastructure required to service the all-new electric vehicles.

The depot upgrade included the construction of charging infrastructure and a battery storage system, which utilises 400kW of solar energy from on-site panels.

The installed one-megawatt battery energy storage system (BESS) will enhance the depot’s renewable power capacity and reduce Team Global Express’ reliance on grid power. TGE was able to save $7,300 of energy costs in the first hour of the BESS system being turned on.

To date, TGE has received 43 out of the 60 Volvo eFLs and Daimler Fuso eCanters to be used over the five-year trial

Team Global Express Group CEO Christine Holgate says transport accounts for 19 per cent of all emissions in Australia and this trial represents an important step towards addressing the emissions intensity of the sector.

“Team Global Express is proud to roll out an electric vehicle trial of this scale and support our industry and country’s renewable energy transition ambitions. As part of our partnership with ARENA, we will be sharing the knowledge we gain from the trial with other industry providers to benefit the entire sector.

“At the time of placing our order with Volvo, we held the record for the largest order of medium-duty electric vehicles the company had received globally. We are thrilled that these trucks are on Sydney roads delivering parcels directly to residential and commercial customers,” she says.

Team Global Express’ Director of ESG, Heather Bone (pictured at the top with HVIA Chief Advocacy Officer Dr Adele Lausberg), adds that Western Sydney was chosen for its strategic location to urban distribution areas, allowing for the trucks to increase their own energy via regenerative braking.

“We are delighted to unveil Team Global Express’ ‘Depot of the Future’ and begin servicing the Western Sydney community with deliveries driven by electric vehicles. Bungarribee now houses advanced charging infrastructure fuelled by solar energy, enabling our new trucks to be recharged and back on the streets in as little as two hours if required,” says Bone, who will share further details of the project at TruckShowX, Australia’s largest transport decarbonisation event. See here for more information.

In attendance was Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen

Team Global Express team members based at Bungarribee have undertaken specialised electric vehicle training.

“We’ve also used this trial as an opportunity to upskill a number of our female employees and support them in getting their heavy vehicle driving licences; so they too can enjoy driving our new electric trucks,” she says.

The benefits of the electric truck fleet will extend to local communities through reduced vehicle noise and improved urban air quality. Additionally, Team Global Express drivers will benefit from improved safety conditions through lower noise and vibrations and the general safety benefits of a new fleet equipped with the latest technology, sensors and telematics.

To celebrate the roll out of the fleet, Volvo’s Global CEO Martin Lundstedt joined Team Global Express executives at the Bungarribee depot – along with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen.

“It is a privilege to witness projects such as this come to life around the globe and I’m very happy to be here in person to see this site in operation,” says Lundstedt.

“Partnerships like the one we have with Team Global Express are vital as the world continues on its zero-emissions journey.

“I congratulate all involved for their dedication towards making our cities a better place to live and for taking a positive step towards the future of our planet.”

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