VSB 6 Section T – Tow Trucks

HVIA is consulting with members on the review of Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 (VSB6) section relating to the design and construction of tow trucks.

HVIA’s Chief Technical Officer Paul Caus said that VSB6 Section T – Tow Trucks outlines the minimum design, installation and performance requirements for vehicles design to tow another vehicle.

“We are now seeking input from members who manufacture tow trucks to provide feedback on the NHVR’s draft for this important code of practice,” Mr Caus said.

“Members who are involved in the sector of the industry should review the draft are there are some important changes,” Mr Caus added.

“These are mainly do with incorporation of requirements that have, in the past, been managed by State jurisdictions as part of registration, and new methods of determining stability.

“HVIA is seeking to finalise our response by 28th January, so we would encourage that any comments be received by 27th January.”    

If you have any comments to incorporate into HVIA’s response, please contact our Chief Technical Officer, Paul Caus p.caus@hvia.asn.au or 0437 901 669.

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