Ebusco Australia and EnergyAustralia join forces

EnergyAustralia will work with Ebusco Australia and its customers to tailor efficient solutions for electrification and ‘greenification’ of electric bus fleets and depots.

Peter Bijvelds, CEO, Ebusco BV, says, “Ebusco’s work in Europe shows that zero emissions is not a dream, it’s a choice. This is a position Australian governments and bus fleet operators are now realising with policies directed at a clean transport revolution across the nation. This is why, at the end of September, we launched our popular battery electric bus, the right-hand drive Ebusco 2.2, in Australia.”

The EnergyAustralia and Ebusco partnership offers green transport energy solutions to bus fleet operators looking to transition to battery electric buses, which include depot development, grid connections, electric charging, solar, battery, virtual power plant, energy management and energy contracts.

Jack Kotlyar, EnergyAustralia’s Head of NextGen, says EnergyAustralia was excited to be joining forces with Ebusco, a proven, innovative, and globally successful battery electric bus company.

“We want to ensure all Ebusco customers get end-to-end electrification and decarbonisation solutions for their electric transportation needs when they go with Ebusco.

“All our solutions are implemented in a safe way for our people, communities and the environment,” Jack said.

Ebusco’s Peter Bijvelds says, “There is a degree of uncertainty from bus operators and governments about how to successfully transition their current buses to zero carbon, clean energy fleets, which is only natural.

“Ebusco was established in 2012 and has only ever made battery electric buses, and we have years of manufacturing and operational experience, which we now bring to Australia for the first time.”

Ebusco has two leading electric bus models, the Ebusco 2.2. and the Ebusco 3.0. These buses have an excellent ratio between battery and transport capacity and, can travel over 400 kilometres (Ebusco 2.2) to 575 kilometres (Ebusco 3.0) between charges resulting in high flexibility during city operations.

“Ebusco is so much more than an electric bus maker; we are an innovative technology company with skills and expertise in making battery electric buses that can operate in all conditions – from sub-zero temperatures to extreme heat. Our buses have travelled over 60 million kilometres across all types of terrain. We have depots running just electric buses, including those with vehicle-to-grid solutions.

“Ebusco is proud to partner with EnergyAustralia as we build our presence across the country and provide our customers with clean energy, bus transportation and charging solutions. We have always been an end-to-end provider, not the kind who says, here’s your bus and good luck,” added Peter.

EnergyAustralia will look into the energy needs of Ebusco’s customers and ensure they have the electric charging and energy infrastructure required to keep their fleets moving cost-efficiently.

“EnergyAustralia is on a mission to deliver greener cities, cleaner communities and quieter neighbourhoods through its Green Transport projects. Working with Ebusco is another step in this direction,” said Jack.

“Our joining forces means we can work with Ebusco customers to optimise their energy, infrastructure and decarbonisation targets. We are already discussing projects where this partnership can be demonstrated, and we look forward to the future.”

Pictured: Peter Bijvelds, CEO of Ebusco BV shaking hands with Jack Kotlyar Head of NextGen
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