EnergyAustralia outlines plans to support heavy vehicle electrification 

HVIA partner EnergyAustralia has outlined plans to support heavy vehicle electrification by working with heavy vehicle and bus operators to plan and build the infrastructure to charge their fleet. 

EnergyAustralia Managing Director Mark Collette said: “With transport the second-largest source of carbon emissions, the electrification of heavy vehicles will be another way to contribute toward Australia’s emissions reduction targets. 

“An electric truck with a 600-kilometre range is already achievable, and batteries are getting better and cheaper all the time.

“For heavy vehicle and bus operators, though, this transition is not just about buying electric – they need to plan for the infrastructure to charge their fleet.  

“We are now partnering with fleet owners as they plan for their move from diesel to electric through depot charging solutions. This includes helping with depot development, grid connections, renewable energy, energy management and contracts. Importantly, these solutions need to be implemented in a way that is safe for people and the environment. 

“We are also working to ensure the energy used in depot changing facilities is clean through the development of grid-scale batteries and pumped hydro projects to support the transition to renewables.” 

Mr Collette’s comments follow EnergyAustralia’s hosting of the Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia’s Southern Regional Awards in Melbourne last week. 

Todd Hacking, CEO of Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia said: “The heavy vehicle industry is transitioning and electric vehicles are a major part of the future fleet equation.  Industry needs to work with partners on a holistic solution if the transition is to be smooth and successful.  

“HVIA is delighted to be partnering with EnergyAustralia and we are thrilled to see them taking a leading role on this important conversation by providing solutions for the industry to accelerate its transition to electric fleets.”  

Mr Collette added: “It was great to be part of the HVIA Awards, which celebrate leadership and innovation in the heavy vehicle industry. Congratulations to the region’s HVIA National Awards finalists for their achievements, and we wish them every success in the national awards in November.” 

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