J4 Tipper Code and AVE scheme need NHVR intervention

HVIA has written to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to plead for a postponement of VSB6 updates including the new J4 Tipper Code.

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking said the renewed call was in response to feedback from members during last month’s round of HVIA State Committee meetings.

“We are seeking a formal extension to version 3.1 of Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 to at least 1 January 2024,” Mr Hacking said.

“Since the current version of 3.2 of VSB6 was announced, HVIA has engaged constructively with the NHVR Standards Team and each of the state-based jurisdictional representatives, to try and resolve the wide range of technical and administrative issues raised by our members.

“Without adequate time to prepare and transition, feedback from HVIA members is that the technical and administrative issues remain and are negatively impacting their businesses.”

Mr Hacking said the issues include:

  • lack of approved signatories in every state sufficient to cover the expected demand arising from new sections of VSB6.
  • lack of clarity and ambiguity in some of the new technical requirements.
  • clarity on reporting requirements and mutual agreement between states relating to new sections.

HVIA has also re-instigated calls for the Authorised Vehicle Examiner (AVE) scheme to be harmonised – a position, Mr Hacking says, HVIA has held for many years.

“Some of these issues stem from a lack of national harmonisation of the Authorised Vehicle Examiner (AVE) scheme.

“In 2018, the NHVR publicly announced that a project to harmonise the AVE scheme was underway.

“HVIA is not aware of any further progress on that project, which is regrettable, as it may have prevented some of the current issues with VSB6 version 3.2 from arising.”

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