HVIA Reveals Rigids Eligible For SA Axle Mass Trial

HVIA reveals further details of the South Australian low and zero emission heavy vehicle trial scheme

Two weeks ago, HVIA reported an announcement from the Department for Infrastructure and Transport in South Australia to commence a trial scheme for low- and zero-emissions trucks that will permit them to exceed regulated axle load limits on state-managed roads.

Some details of the trial scheme were initially published by the department on its website, and HVIA has been working with its representatives since then to obtain more information on the scheme.

These include allowing single-steer, tandem-drive prime movers up to 7.5 tonnes on single-steer axle and up to 18.5 tonnes on a tandem-drive axle; and twin-steer, tandem-drive prime movers up to 12 tonnes on the twin-steer axle and up to 17 tonnes on the tandem-drive axle.

However, HVIA can now reveal that although the department’s website only lists eligible prime mover combinations, it may be expanded to rigid trucks, pending further structural assessments. The department invites interested rigid truck applicants to contact them to discuss their proposals.

What’s more, the department confirms that six access networks have been developed in-line with the PBS networks, with the intent on maximising access and matching the networks for the equivalent in internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and are available to view online here. The department invites persons identifying potential errors or omissions to contact them.

HVIA has also learned that applicants must apply for permits to operate through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (HVIA is seeking clarification on the specific application type and method).

Finally, the requirements for the ‘incident response plan’ that the department’s website refers will be explained further in each vehicle’s permit conditions, but will likely be flexible and not onerous, it has been confirmed.

HVIA will continue to work with representatives from each of the States on the recently announced trial schemes.

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