ADR 38/05 – Trailer Brake Certification – Evidence Submission Deadline

We would like to remind all brake kit suppliers, trailer manufactures and certifiers of upcoming deadlines regarding ADR 38/05 Trailer Brake certification.

As a recap, the arrangement that was put in place by the Department of Transport, Regional Development and Communication is outlined in the “What’s New” section of the RVCS website dated 22nd of October 2019 can be found here.

To ease the administrative transition to ADR 38/05, the Department put in place the ability to roll over ADR 38/05 applications as outlined in the advice mentioned above.

Where ADR 38/05 submissions have been rolled over, the advice mentions that if the application meets certain criteria, the associated calculations must be resubmitted for that application.

The bulletin dated 22nd October 2019, outlines that circumstance:

“However, if SARN data has changed since ADR 38/04, then additional calculations are required to be provided for trailer approvals when braking calculations fall within five percent of the upper or lower boundary limits, as defined by Figure 1 of ADR 38/05.

“If additional brake calculations are required for trailer IPAs, they must be submitted and approvals corrected before the manufacturers exercise the opt in arrangement under the RVSA.

“These supplementary brake calculations are not required to be submitted before the 1st November 2019 rollover under MVSA.”

For SARN holders

HVIA would like to remind members supplying brake kits or Agents certifying brake kits, that that the deadline for conducting and submitting your outstanding SARN applications, must be submitted and approved by the 30th April 2020.

This is indicated in the bulletin dated 6th September 2019 also in the “What’s New” section of the RVCS website.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications has advised HVIA that there are still 50+ SARN submissions that have been flagged to them previously, that are likely to be re-submitted.

For IPA Holders (Trailer Manufacturers)

There are broadly two scenarios where SARN data may have changed.

a. SARN data has changed by less than 5% – a new SARN number has not been issued.
b. SARN data has changed by more than 5% – a new SARN number has been issued.

HVIA’s advice to IPA holders is to review all brake calculations on IPA variants where the reference SARN data has changed due to (a) or (b).

In both cases, where a variant under an IPA has been affected by the above scenarios, additional brake calculations must be submitted to the Department.

The is currently no specific date deadline for IPA holders to do this, however, calculations must be submitted and approved prior to the IPA holder exercising the “opt in” arrangement under the RVSA.

If you have any questions, please contact our CTO, Paul Caus on 0437 901 669 or

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