A shout out to the truckers

Professor Paul Kelly, Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer took a different approach with his turn leading the CMO’s daily press conference on Good Friday.

As always he started with some statistics, and for the most part the news across Australia was very positive.

However that was tempered with a warning against complacency: “The key message for Easter is to stay at home,” he said.

But then he shifted his focus to those that can’t stay at home – people we rely on to get us through such as healthcare workers, of course.

Then he added the call that made us all proud:

“I want to give a shout out to the truckers today, because they’re the ones that are out on our roads delivering the goods that we need, especially food, medicine, medical supplies, vaccines and the like.

“I know that it’s been actually difficult on the trucking routes in recent weeks because of the closures of various things, including some of the truck stops.

“So thank you to all of those that are doing those deliveries.”

Nice. Thanks Paul, We’ll get there. Before too long.

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