Stay safe this Easter

Two new acronyms have become prominent in our vernacular recently: first came WFH and now BAU. Many of us weren’t familiar with either until a couple of weeks ago.

The first represents a new way of working for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of workers. It has been a test of self-motivation, home internet speed and the ability to maintain productivity under the oversight of restless children or pets.

The second is something we never knew we craved until we didn’t have it.  But now there are signs of hope coming through in almost every news bulletin, in every speech from the Prime Minister, the State Premiers and their respective trusted Chief Medical Officers.

The idea of Business as Usual is no longer a fantasy, but rather something that is being carefully strategised and planned in virtual board rooms across the country.

The indications are that we are still a long way from relaxing restrictions so that we don’t lose the benefits of the gains we have made. To that end please heed the Prime Minister’s message and Stay At Home this Easter

To help you with that, HVIA is releasing a Colouring-in Competition for kids.

The new version of business as usual may be quite different to the old; quite possibly with the benefit of a very new perspective on what is actually important. 

Today we share an article about some of the opportunities which have sprung up, which may well change the way in which road freight is carried in the future.

Rest assured your voice is being heard. I have been privileged to join a couple of different committees and working groups representing the interests of business and industry alongside state and Federal Government interests.

There is an innate sense of walking out of the darkness into the light together. There is a lot of talk about the steps to kickstarting the economy, but at a more localised level there is a need to reconnect.

This crisis has made all of us appreciate the small things.

One thing that keeps coming up in conversations is our role in facilitating that connection. It has made us conscious of the extra importance of next year’s Brisbane Truck Show.  We will be extremely privileged to host the industry with an appreciation for its gravity like never before.

Please stay safe this Easter and enjoy your time with immediate family.


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